Snapshot v4 Introduces New Incremental Backups, ThirdParty Storage (and More)

Snapshot v4 Introduces New Incremental Backups, Third-Party Storage (and More)

It’s been a huge few months for Snapshot. We’ve completely overhauled how he backs up your data (hello, incrementals!), introduced the first of our new third-party storage destinations, and began the integration of hosting backups. So many improvements and still much more to come…

As far as backup plugins go, Snapshot was already pretty darn good.

However, with the recently launched Version 4.0, we’ve seriously raised the bar.

In fact, we’ve rebuilt Snapshot from the ground up to ensure that:

  • Your backups are streamlined and efficient, and don’t bloat the server by storing unnecessary files and data.
  • You have full control of your backups, can run them to your own schedule, and store them externally in third-party storage solutions that you trust.
  • You can manage and restore your backups from a simple interface and download copies at the touch of a button.

Read on to get a taste of what’s new with Snapshot, as well as a couple of sneaky insights of what’s to come:

Snapshot Now Uses Incremental Backups!

Incremental backups are an absolute game changer.

After all, if you only change 1% of your site, what’s the point of backing up the other 99% every time?

No longer will you have duplicate upon duplicate of your site taking up all of your WPMU DEV Cloud storage space.

Snapshot will make one full backup and then proceed to back up only the new changes you make.

Subsequent backups will be far smaller in size than your base backup.

This will save you storage space as your backups will be much smaller and less likely to run into issues. It will also prevent excess strain on the server!

Better yet, the complete overhaul of Snapshot means backups are now API-driven and most of the heavy lifting is on our servers rather than your site!

Learn more about how incremental backups work.

Amazon S3 Has Just Landed

We’re on a mission to make sure Snapshot integrates with every backup destination you’ll ever need.

Amazon S3 is just the first of many third-party storage solutions that will be coming your way.

Picture of the welcome module announcing Amazon S3Complete with a set of S3 compatible storage options, Amazon S3 is now available as a backup destination.

The first set of S3 compatible destinations we’ve added are Backblaze, DigitalOcean Space, Wasabi, and Google



This article was written by Kirstan Norman and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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