How to Solve/Fix Black Screen Issue When Playing Video on Windows 10 –

How to Solve/Fix Black Screen Issue When Playing Video on Windows 10

Watching videos and online streaming has become trendy, and everyone is busy watching videos or playing games. This busy routine is disturbed when facing a black screen problem, especially on Windows 10. Black screen on window 10 and the YouTube black screen are common issues people have to face, so it’s essential to fix them. These issues happen due to many reasons such as:

  1. Installation of a feature update & browsing setting in Firefox and Chrome
  2. Update of a buggy system & a graphics card driver problem
  3. Some internet bugs and Adobe Flash Player also cause the YouTube black screen.
  4. Poor connection, browser cache files, and a hardware defect may result in Windows 10 black screen issues
  5. Missing codec & illegal use of YouTube

Methods of Fixing Black Screen Video

Many methods are used for troubleshooting the black screen issue, and you may try these methods to resolve the black screen issue either for Windows 10 or you can try it for YouTube black screen problems.

1. Check Your Network Connection

A poor connection can cause the Windows 10 black screen, and you should try to make it better. Refresh the link, and both ends of the video signal cable should be connected correctly. Make sure the power button is on, and the power supply to the monitor is working properly. Try to change the ports to fix this problem.

2. Black Screen While Watching a YouTube Video

YouTube black screen may be caused by an intermittent fault filer, and you can resolve this issue by using these steps:

  1. Clearing of cache and cookies may help resolve the YouTube black screen issue.
  2. Reinstalling and uninstalling AdBlock is also suggested for this problem.
  3. If page reloading doesn’t make the video play, refresh the page, pause AdBlock, and reload the page. When your video starts playing, unpause AdBlock.
  4. Extensions may cause the black screen in Windows 10 and the YouTube black screen. Disable all your extensions and start the video again to see if it works. Enable all extensions one by one and try to find the problematic extension. If you find it, uninstall this extension and notify its developer about this issue.
  5. Manual updating of filter lists can also prove helpful in fixing the black screen issue.

3. An Integrated Graphics Card

PC hardware

An integrated graphics card can also create a black screen issue so switch the connection to the embedded video processor to check if your card is causing this issue. Sometimes after essential input and output system updates, an integrated card can be disabled. Enabling the card in the motherboard can resolve the black screen issue on Windows 10 and YouTube.

  • Windows 10 can lose its display connection, and it ultimately becomes a cause



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