How To Speed Up Your Mobile WordPress Site In

How To Speed Up Your Mobile WordPress Site In 2020

Looking to speed up your mobile WordPress site?

This tutorial covers mobile caching, mobile-adaptive images, and AMP (accelerated mobile pages). Most optimizations made on your desktop site carry over to your mobile site. That’s why doing things like upgrading PHP versions and reducing server response times also help.

How To Test Your WordPress Site’s Mobile Speed
I recommend GTmetrix’s mobile test since it gives you completely new PageSpeed recommendations specifically for mobile site speed, it measures load times, and you can expand each item to see exactly which elements need to be optimized on your mobile site.

1. GTmetrix Mobile Test
With a free GTmetrix account, you can test your site on Android. The PageSpeed tab is unique to mobile while YSlow is the same as desktop. The PageSpeed tab shows serve scaled image errors if you’re not using adaptive images, as well as redirect errors and your mobile load time.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights
Google PageSpeed Insights has a “mobile” tab which tells you mobile-specific optimizations. However, you shouldn’t use PageSpeed Insights anyway since there’s an emphasis on scores (and not load times) which it doesn’t even measure, so use GTmetrix or another tool instead.

3. Think With Google
Think With Google isn’t great either. Just like PageSpeed Insights, the recommendations are somewhat broad (with GTmetrix you can actually expand recommendations to see which plugins, scripts, and images are slowing down your site). Think With Google doesn’t do that.

Think With Google Mobile Speed

4. Google Analytics
You can see each of your page’s mobile load times under Behavior > Site Speed then add a segment for mobile and tablet traffic. The speed suggestions tab can also be helpful, but then again, it refers to Google PageSpeed Insights recommendations which aren’t very useful at all.

1. Enable Mobile Caching

Most cache plugins like WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache have an option for mobile caching.

Mobile Cache



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