Spocket Review: Dropshipping with US Suppliers

Spocket Review: Dropshipping with US Suppliers

The quality of your dropshipping suppliers is what makes or breaks an ecommerce business. Period. After all, customers can only enjoy value for their money when they can rely on product quality and fast shipping times.

This is where a dropshipping platform like Spocket comes into its own.

Spocket has made a name for itself in the world of dropshipping, namely due to its pre-vetted, high quality dropshipping suppliers from the US and EU. So if you’re looking for reliable suppliers to stock your online store with fresh products, this app could be the perfect fit. Here’s a complete Spocket review to help you out.

This review covers everything from the whats and hows to the pros and cons of using Spocket as a dropshipping platform. Let’s dive in!

Spocket Review: What Does It Do?

Spocket is famously one of Shopify’s most popular dropshipping apps. Ecommerce merchants like yourself can use the platform to search and connect with high-quality dropshipping suppliers. In this Spocket dropshipping review, we will cover just what makes Spocket so beneficial for dropshippers.

But why?

One of the best things about Spocket is that the majority of their products are from pre-vetted dropshipping suppliers located in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Asia.

As such, this massively increases the speed of their shipping times to just a few days, and the quality assurance of their products.

On top of that, Spocket’s also incredibly easy to use. Just install the app onto your Shopify store. Then search through Spocket’s product catalog and pick the items you want to sell. With a few clicks, you can import these goodies onto your ecommerce store, and voila, it’s ready for sale. Plus, it’s compatible with all of the major ecommerce platforms, so integration is easy.

We also love that Spocket has spent a great deal of time and effort identifying the dropshipping model’s pitfalls, and crafting a solution that overcomes them. Most notably, this involves:

  • Thin profit margins
  • Difficulties in branding and customization
  • Non-existent returns policies

Here’s how Spocket combats these drawbacks:

  • Dropshipping products on Spocket have a 30% discount on their original Spocket pricing, so you can sell at a better price than the competition and maximize your profits.
  • It helps you develop a brand identity for your products by permitting you to customize your invoices and product information.
  • Spocket removes the confusion surrounding returns by making its suppliers choose from one of three return policies. These require suppliers to either offer:
  • No returns
  • 15-day returns
  • 30-day returns

Spocket holds



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