Start Your Own Affiliate Program with Solid Affiliate

Start Your Own Affiliate Program with Solid Affiliate

Keeping an affiliate program running smoothly is a big task. Inviting new affiliates, keeping track of the referrals they’ve earned, and finally paying everyone you owe can become a management nightmare without the right plugin. In addition, there’s a distinct lack of high-quality affiliate plugins specifically designed for WooCommerce. That is, until Solid Affiliate hit the market.

The premium affiliate management plugin was built from the start with WooCommerce in mind. It has everything you need to stay on top of your affiliates and their earnings, making sure everyone’s getting paid on time.

Let’s dive into Solid Affiliate and take an in-depth look at its best features.

Solid Affiliate: The Basics

There are many popular, well-established affiliate plugins out there already. Having launched in only 2021, Solid Affiliate is here to shake up the competition. What exactly makes it stand out so much?

  • Manage your affiliates, referrals, and payments in one powerful but intuitive dashboard.
  • The lifetime pricing, rather than the standard per-year model, is much friendlier to people on limited budgets.
  • You can use it on an unlimited number of sites, including client sites.
  • There are no pricey addons to inflate the cost. Everything is included in the base plugin.
  • It’s very clean and easy to get the hang of, as it strongly resembles the WordPress UI you’re used to. You also don’t need to log into any third-party sites; everything is in your back end.
  • It includes an admin dashboard which collects all important reports and notifications into one convenient panel.
  • An affiliate portal allows your affiliates to manage their account and see statistics.
  • Powerful Paypal integration offers total control over how and when you pay, and even protects you from refund fraud.

As you can see, Solid Affiliate has a lot to bring to the table. Though it hasn’t been around as long as the more popular affiliate plugins, it outdoes the competition in quite a few areas, and it does it for a lower price.

Why Use Solid Affiliate?

There are several reasons why Solid Affiliate is worth trying. Other affiliate plugins are difficult to set up, not as feature-rich, and can struggle once you have a lot of people to manage.

If you realize down the line that your affiliate plugin isn’t working out or doesn’t have the features you need, it can be extremely difficult to switch over to a new one. You need to know from the start that you’re choosing a plugin that makes the process of adding affiliates, setting up referral links, and managing payments as painless as possible.

In addition, Solid Affiliate’s WooCommerce integration isn’t just an extra tacked on at the last second, but a core feature of the plugin and what it was built around.

Finally, it has very fair pricing. With a one-time fee of $99, you get lifetime updates and support on an unlimited number of websites. If you’re designing



This article was written by Brenda Barron and originally published on WPExplorer.

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