How to Start a Blog & Make Money (for Speed + SEO Enthusiasts)

How to Start a Blog & Make Money (for Speed + SEO Enthusiasts)

So you want to start a blog.

But you don’t want to read another one of those tutorials recommending Bluehost, slow page builders, and unreliable themes/plugins.

You know that most successful bloggers aren’t using these (they just want commissions) and that to pass core web vitals, you need to build your blog with speed in mind from the ground up.

That’s why this is an advanced guide to starting a blog. Instead of shared hosting, we’ll use Cloudways DigitalOcean. Instead of Elementor, Astra Starter Templates with Gutenberg. Instead of GoDaddy or NameCheap’s DNS, we’ll use Cloudflare. And instead of Yoast, Rank Math. The only costs are domain, hosting, and optional upgrades (Astra, Rank Math, and WP Rocket). Yes, I’m an affiliate for these, but they are much better/faster than other alternatives.

These simple changes will result in a faster, more SEO-friendly blog. Sure, it will require a few extra steps. But it will pay off long-term to get started on the right foot rather than having to switch themes or get locked into a 3 year hosting contract after you realize the service is bad.

The tools you use to build your blog have a huge impact on speed, SEO, and design. It’s much easier to do it correctly from the start.

Why I Started This Blog

I needed money to move out of my parent’s house!

Actually, I’m being 100% honest. God bless my parents, but they always had money problems and I saw the toll it took on almost every aspect of their lives. I always thought, this will change.

Passive income drew me to blogging and affiliate marketing. The unlimited potential to get more traffic, sales, and readers got me hooked.

But like many, I got discouraged after countless nights of plugging away without results. I decided to do one last “blogging binge” and if that didn’t work, I was seriously going to quit. You know those stories about songwriters locking themselves in a room until the album is finished?

Fast forward 1 month later.

I wake up one morning in July, 2017 to a large spike in my Google Analytics. It looked like Dogecoin in it’s best days. That same week, I packed my stuff and moved to Denver, Colorado.

Fast forward to present day and this blog has made me well over half a million dollars. It gets 3,000 visitors/day, and loads in about 1 second (I’m a speed nerd). If you haven’t noticed, I teach people about WordPress (speed, SEO, and affiliate marketing). All things I’ll cover in this guide.

Affiliate Marketing SalesThis blog made $125,000+ in 2020 ($150,000+ if you include non-PayPal commissions)





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