How to Start a Web Design Business

start a web design business

This year has never been a better time to start a web design business. In fact, since COVID-19 began pushing more retail sales online, new data shows us that 2020 online sales will surpass all of 2019 sales by October 5.

With the added consumer drive toward online buying and ecommerce, successful businesses and retailers need to bolster their web presence like never before in order to stand out from the competition and remain viable.

But how do you start a web design business? What are the first steps you should take? Is running a web design business truly your passion? Do you know how to grow it? In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at everything you need to do in order to start a web design business. Let’s dive in.

Why Start a Web Design Business?

Starting a web design business has many benefits, both financially and from a lifestyle perspective. If you start a web design business, you can reap the rewards of doing work you enjoy, solving problems, having a flexible work schedule, and making a comfortable living.

As a professional web designer in 2020 and beyond, starting a web design business means you’ll have a better opportunity to establish yourself and your brand than nearly any other time in history. Basically: NOW is the time to start a web design business.

The fact of the matter is, all businesses need a well-designed website in 2020. This is where you and your new web design business enter the picture.

How Does Great Web Design Help a Business?

A poor web presence quickly ends a potential relationship between a buyer. Ending before it even had a chance to take root.

Consider the last time you and your significant other were looking for a new dining experience for a date. You ran a few quick Google searches to find out if your town or city has any hidden restaurant gems that you haven’t discovered yet.

The first result is an Italian restaurant with an attention-getting name and an appetizing main image. However, when you click through to their website, it’s immediately obvious that the site hasn’t had any updates in the last two years.

While there’s a menu available to browse, you can’t really trust that it’s current. Each menu item gives a minimal write-up that leaves you wanting more. You notice that there is no way to book a reservation online.

While the restaurant sounded good to you at first glance. Once you dove into their website, you now have the impression that the restaurant is:

  • Not current
  • Sloppy with their branding
  • Not customer-centric
  • Not a place you’ll probably visit

When you return to your original search results, you find another result that catches your eye. It’s a small bistro that you haven’t heard of that says that they are only open on Friday and Saturday nights, and have a very limited seating capacity.

You click through to their website and the first thing you see is a photo



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