How to Start a WordPress Agency ( Edition)

How to Start a WordPress Agency (2020 Edition)

Listen to enough origin stories of successful WordPress agencies and you’ll notice they sound eerily similar:

The founders were working as freelance designers or developers, building websites while simultaneously running their small (or solo) businesses. Inevitably, they started to look around and wonder if there were opportunities they were missing out on — ones that would make their jobs easier, their lives more fulfilling, and their businesses more profitable.

You may or may not be aware of this, but this is exactly where Kinsta’s founders started out. Mark, Anita, Peter, and Tom were running a web development business in 2013 that was a whole lot of work and not very rewarding.

Eventually, the Kinsta founders realized that what they were doing just wasn’t scalable or sustainable. And that’s a point that many WordPress freelancers and small business owners get to as well.

In order to change that narrative, you must be prepared to shift your company in a different direction. For Kinsta, that meant moving into managed WordPress hosting. For others, that may mean building a bustling WordPress agency. Your story is your own to shape and mold.

That said, whatever path you choose to go down, none of that growth will be possible without:

  • A team of dedicated experts
  • Buttoned-up processes and documentation
  • Automations and templates galore

That’s not to say that you don’t have these elements in place as a WordPress freelancer. But a WordPress agency requires you to take it to another level.

If you find yourself in a similar position where you’re feeling okay with the work you do but don’t feel as though you’re maximizing your impact or your profit, it could be time to turn your freelance business into a full-service agency.

In this guide to starting a WordPress agency, we’ll show you how to get an agency started and, later, how to scale it for greater success and sustainability.

What Is a WordPress Agency?

There’s a big difference between a freelancer’s business and that of a WordPress agency. Heck, there’s even a difference between a small WordPress business and a full-service agency.

Here are just some ways the three differ:

Freelancer Small Business WordPress Agency
Team Size 1 person < 10 people > 10 people
Team Dynamic You = Wearer of All Hats You + small team = Close-knit family where everyone pitches in You + team leads + team members = Everyone has a clear role to play
Services Offered Services: WordPress websites Services: WordPress websites

Products: Monthly maintenance

Services + Products:



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