Getting Started With WordPress Contact Forms

Getting Started With WordPress Contact Forms

On the surface, contact forms aren’t exactly the most exciting element of your WordPress site… However, in terms of lead generation and allowing your users to easily get in touch – they’re essential. But before you go jumping into choosing a form plugin, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Have you ever heard of the Seahawks’ 12th Man?

Those who follow football know that only 11 players from each team are allowed on the field at any given time.

However, Seattle’s fans have been branded as the “12th Man” ( or “the 12s” for legal reasons) because of the profound effect their vocal presence and support has had on the Seahawks’ games.

That’s how we feel about websites.

They might not be a living, breathing team member who can call leads and attend company meetings –  but they are still an incredibly important part of a business’s sales, marketing, and customer relationship efforts.

When executed well, a WordPress website will help businesses achieve a number of those goals.

While the goals may vary based on the type of business or services offered, there is one universal goal that every website strives for:

Lead generation.

And to generate leads, you need to offer a way for customers to engage with you – whether that be through a phone call, email, live chat, social media inquiry, or by filling out a form.

It’s the latter that we’re going to focus on today.

More specifically, we’ll be diving into the benefits of using contact forms on your WordPress site, and what type of form is the best for various occasions.

First let’s start with some contact form basics…

The Logic Behind Using Contact Forms

Today’s consumer prefers a multi-channel communication approach.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, consumers want options. Gone are the days of phone book searches in order to find a business’s contact info.

There are now more options available –and consumers expect to have access to them.

That’s why a website is an essential contact point for every business – from the independent blogger to the multi-chain retailer.

When someone Googles the type of service or information they’re looking for and finds your website, that’s the first step in their customer journey.

It’s then your job to guide them through the rest of that journey and to the end-goal: contacting you.

Regardless of which method of communication visitors to your WordPress site prefer, it’s important to have contact forms at the ready.

It’s even more important to make sure your contact forms are engaging. After all, research shows that 81% of people abandon a form after beginning to fill it out.

The good news is, once you’ve planned out your contact form strategy properly, landing those conversions should be a piece



This article was written by Rick Crawshaw and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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