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What You Need To Know Before Starting Dropshipping In 2020 - WPArena

You’ve heard about dropshipping and you think you have what it takes to build a business and run it from an Island in Thailand, but you are full of doubts: You’ve never run a Facebook ad, and you don’t know how to spend money on ads, you don’t know how much money it will take, and you can’t tell if this is too good to be true, in fact, you’ve never started a business before. You’ve never even bought a good domain before, and you’re not sure why anyone would come to your domain name and not Amazon’s. If you’ve had thoughts like these in the past, then this article is for you.

In this article, we’re going to cover every fear, worry, question, and insecurity that you have about getting started with dropshipping, and we’re taking them straight from the emails that you’ve sent to us at SaleSource.

Before we get started, we want to warn you. Some of you just want a comfortable excuse not to start your business online. After all, the possibility of failure is really frightening. It’s more convenient to write off drop shipping as a scam or claim that it’s saturated and to go back to your nine-to-five job. Nobody in your fluorescent-lit agency will blame you after all agony loves the company.

But, if you are the black sheep in the flock and before getting started, you want to get some explanations, then let’s get cracking.

The first fear is that ‘dropshipping is a scam.’ Dropshipping is just an eCommerce business model and a fast recap of that for you: So, in this business model you need to create a store, then import goods from suppliers, invest your money in promoting those goods, and then you sell them to the buyers only when you get bookings. In other words, you go to the supplier one at a time and place the orders that the buyers have already placed with you – the supplier then dispatches those products directly to your buyers.

Now, this is a business model that a lot of other retailers use even, big-box retailers like Walmart use this business model to make sure that they’re only buying as much supply as they need to meet buyers’ demand for products. The contrast between you and Walmart is, well, you’re a person, and you’re getting your products from Aliexpress, which is an e-commerce site that other people can shop on.

That’s what commences some people to think that dropshipping is a scam, one of our customers asked: “what stops people from using to Aliexpress and purchasing products themselves by going straight to Aliexpress best sellers list.” That client even raised the issue that family and friends might think that they’re being scammed.

Well, drop shippers add value to the customer experience that they don’t get when they go directly to Aliexpress. Remember, Aliexpress is not easy to navigate, especially when it comes to high ticket drop shipping – there are lots of suppliers selling the same products, and their descriptions are in English. Also, there are infinite shipping options which can feel really alien to



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