How to Submit Website to Google in (Easy StepbyStep Guide)

How to Submit Website to Google in 2020 (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

“How do I submit a website to Google?” is a question we are regularly asked here at ThemeIsle. So we have put together this step-by-step beginner’s guide showing you how to submit your site to Google. 

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to find out if your site has already been indexed by Google.
  • Why and how to register your website with Google Search Console.
  • How to create a sitemap with Yoast SEO.
  • How to submit a website sitemap via Google Search Console.
  • How to use the URL Inspection tool to submit individual URLs.

We will also discuss some tips regarding what else you can do to help your website rank well in Google Search.

Let’s get started…

Do you need to submit a website to Google?

Before we get started, I am just going to emphasize that submitting your website to Google is not something you have to do. 

Google finds sites and indexes content using web crawlers. These bots explore the internet, regularly checking sites’ content, as well as finding new websites. The majority of websites are found by bots, and haven’t been manually listed with Google. 

However, you may wish to submit your website to Google if…

  • You are launching a new site
  • Your site hasn’t been indexed on Google yet (we will discuss how to find this out next)
  • You add new content to a particular page and want it immediately indexed.

By submitting your site to Google, you are ensuring that Google is aware of your site’s presence, which can help you rank in Google more quickly.

How to check if Google has already found your site

If you are unsure whether your site has been detected and indexed by Google’s spiders, then you can check for yourself.

To do so, type into Google search. You will now get a list of all the pages, posts, and other content types that are listed with Google. 

If Google doesn’t return any results, then Google hasn’t been able to find and index your site yet. In this case, it is a good idea to submit your site to Google. 

The first step in this process is to register with Google Search Console. So, let’s find out how to do that…

Register your website with Google Search Console

Google Search Console homepage

Registering your website with Google Search Console is a must if you want to control how your website interacts with Google Search. Here are just a few of the benefits Google Search Console provides…

  • Get



This article was written by Megan Jones and originally published on ThemeIsle Blog.

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