4 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Gadget eCommerce Website


If you want to build a store that will bring you profit quickly, you should consider starting your own gadget eCommerce store. Gadgets are very popular among people of all ages and it’s almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t own at least one.

All of this makes them the ideal mass-market product, so people who sell them online usually find a lot of success quickly. However, before you rush into building your own gadget eCommerce website, you need to know a couple of things first.

1. Register a good domain name

It’s very important to know how to choose a domain name. A mistake made by a lot of eCommerce store owners is choosing one that doesn’t seem trustworthy or just doesn’t match the website. Some of them do this because they believe finding a good domain name will cost a lot of money.

This is far from the truth, as it’s possible to find a cheap domain name provider and register a good name for your gadget eCommerce store. However, before you register the domain name, you need to consider what kind of feelings you want your store’s name to invoke in your website visitors.

There are some decisions you need to make before you settle on the name:

  • Focus on discoverability or branding. If you want to prioritize discoverability, you need to have keywords that target a specific audience in your domain name. A brandable name would be an easily remembered name for your store/brand and even though it wouldn’t bring in organic traffic as a name with keywords would, it would be noisy enough to gain attention.
  • Length. A long domain name can kill your business because it wouldn’t be memorable and the chances of someone mistyping it are much higher. A short domain name that’s between 6 and 14 names is ideal. Not only is it more memorable, but it also invokes trust.
  • Extension. Another thing that invokes trust is a good domain name extension. The most popular one is “.com”, with 41.1% of all domain names in the world ending with it. However, if you can’t register a name under “.com”, you can consider eCommerce extensions such as “.store”, “.shop”, or “.market”.

If the domain name you settled for isn’t available, don’t add hyphens and numbers to the name you want. That will only cause confusion and probably lead people to the wrong website. Instead, brainstorm a little bit more and choose a new and unique name.

2. Choose the right eCommerce platform

There are various eCommerce platforms you can choose from when you’re building your website, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Instead of focusing on how popular the platform is, you need to focus on which features it has and how useful they are for eCommerce stores.

Here are some features the platform you choose needs to have:

  • Easy shop setup. A good eCommerce platform offers a lot of different templates that allow for easy shop setup, even for those who



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