Thrive Leads Review – Best OptinMonster Alternative for WordPress

Thrive Leads Review & How-to Guide: Gain Leads Faster Than Ever Before

One of the best ways for companies and websites to generate revenue and keep bringing back readers and customers is with a powerful email list building strategy.

The market is filled with plugins and tools for building your mailing list, but not many of them match up to the professional stylings and quick lead generation tools offered by the Thrive Lead plugin.

You want to get that email list buzzing with interested leads, right? Then let’s take a look at our in-depth review of  Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads – Optin Monster Alternative!

Once I started playing around with the Thrive Leads plugin I realized that the company is all about helping its customers and making things easy for you. The dashboard interface is fairly easy to navigate and the support options from Thrive are as solid as the best companies out there. For example, when you login to your membership dashboard it gives you various options for accessing forums, watching product demos, and reaching out to the support team. They even have webinar recordings for you to refer back to.

Pricing Advantages

Let’s start with the good part of the Thrive Leads Pricing. They don’t charge you monthly fees, so once you pay for a license you don’t have to worry about paying again. This is how every premium plugin should work. The only area that kind of stinks is the pricing difference between the Single Site license and the Unlimited Site license.

In my opinion there’s no reason not to pay the extra $28, since you would be able to use the platform on any of your sites in the future. This isn’t really a bad thing, but a company pricing strategy that gets you to spend a little more money.


The big question with list building is how quickly and efficiently you can build your lists. I wouldn’t say it’s all that easy to test one list building plugin compared to another, but you can go through and see how quickly you can setup a form and if the forms are effective enough to start boosting enrollments on your email list.

To start, the templates and designs are stunning. I would venture to say that they are some of the best forms I’ve seen in a list building plugin. They also place well on your website, which has always been important to me, since I don’t want to mess around with any code when putting enrollment forms on my sites.

The only area I didn’t like was the form editor. It took a while to figure out what all the buttons were for, and even after that there were times where I tried to change some text and the cursor just wouldn’t let me select the text area. I’m not saying the usability wont improve, but when I played around with it I found myself wanting to punch the screen. In short, it was a tad finicky.

The Clean Interface

Moving throughout the dashboard is quick and easy, since the Thrive team clearly wanted to ensure that plenty of white space was prevalent. I also noticed that the reports and split tests don’t



This article was written by Joe Warnimont and originally published on WPKube.

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