TikTok ←→ WordPress: How to Embed a TikTok Feed in WordPress

TikTok ←→ WordPress: How to Embed a TikTok Feed in WordPress

Looking for a way to add a TikTok WordPress feed so that you can display an automatically updated feed of videos from a TikTok hashtag or username?

TikTok is a newer social network that specializes in 15-second videos. Many of the videos have been known to feature dances, music, lip-syncing, and karaoke. It’s also especially popular with teenagers.

With the free plugin that we’ll show you in this post, you can easily add one or more TikTok feeds that pull content from either a hashtag or a specific TikTok account. You’ll also be able to configure lots of settings for how your feed functions, such as how many videos to display and whether or not to show like counts.

How to add a TikTok WordPress feed to your website

To add a TikTok WordPress feed, you can use the free QuadLayers TikTok Feed plugin, which is supported by a reputable team of developers that has plans to develop and support the app far into the future.

Here’s how to set everything up…

1. Install the plugin from WordPress.org

To get started, install the plugin on your WordPress website. Make sure you activate the plugin as well. If you’re not sure of the best method, then follow our guide.

2. Create or edit a feed

After activating the plugin, you’ll find the TikTok Feed tab in your WordPress dashboard. Go to TikTok FeedFeeds.

The plugin creates a default feed for you to begin with, but you can also make a completely new one. Either click the Edit button for the previously created feed or click the +Feed button.

edit the feed

3. Configure the feed settings

Once your feed is ready, you can edit the feed settings.

First, you need to choose what content to include.

In the General tab, choose either a hashtag or username to pull videos from:

  • Hashtag – the plugin will pull any content that has that hashtag, regardless of which user account it comes from.
  • Username – the plugin will just display a feed of the specific user’s latest posts.

Type in the hashtag or username in the field below. Then, select a masonry or gallery format, along with the number of videos and columns to display.

Note: Showing a hashtag is a great idea for industry-related content. However, you’ll have to keep an eye on the feed, since it could result in unrelated or inappropriate content being shown on your website.


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