5 Tips For Finding and Acquiring Quality Guest Post Links

Finding Quality Guest Post Links

Search engine optimization (SEO) has not only been one of the top methods for business growth and increasing a business’s online presence, but it has also been the core foundation to lots of link building strategies. These strategies vary in technique, but one link building strategy that is still holding strong to this very day is guest posting (when it’s done correctly).

There are, of course, tons of guest posting opportunities out there, but the only way you can utilize this strategy where it benefits you is by finding quality guest posting sites… Remember, it’s not about how many guest posting sites you can land, it’s the level of quality of the ones you land… thus, quality vs. quantity.

So now, the question at hand is, how do you find and acquire these quality guest posting opportunities? What are the best tactics to increase your visibility in your niche? Well, people have their own ways and methods of acquirement, you just have to determine which methods work best for you… Take a look at some helpful tips to help you find and acquire quality guest post links.

Tip1: Look For the Factors That Make a Site High-Quality

Everyone has their own opinion of what makes something “high-quality,” but in the world of guest posting, the determiner of what is considered as high-quality is all based on what Google and other search engines say it is.

In identifying high-quality sites, you want to look for these things:

  • First and foremost, when conducting your search, make sure you’re looking at sites that are in the same industry or niche as you… not doing so will be a huge waste of time.
  • Look for high engagement. Does this site have lots of comments under blog posts? Does it show lots of shares on social media? These things are going to help you determine if and how well your content will be consumed.
  • Does the audience of the site resonate with your own target audience?
  • Are the ads relevant to the site’s niche and yours?
  • The overall layout of the site. Does the site look like it would give your computer a virus? Would your audience visit the site just to read your content? The overall appearance of a site is one of the biggest ways to assure your audience a site is safe, whether for shopping online or just to view content.

Remember, your content isn’t just representing the hosting site… the hosting site is also a representation of your content as well. If the hosting site looks sketchy, your content isn’t going to look useful or credible, so choose wisely… According to smallbiztrends.com, if your answer is “no” to any of these questions for a site you’re considering guest posting on, that site probably isn’t even worthy of your guest post.

Tip 2: Conduct a Basic Google Search For Guest Posting Opportunities

There are all kinds of “fancy,” useful tools out there that will help you find sites for guest posting opportunities, and even with those tools available, there’s no denying the



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