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3 Tips to Better Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site - WP Mayor

With over one billion users worldwide, Instagram is a powerful social media tool you can use to grow your business. However, using it to boost your digital marketing initiatives requires more than simply creating an account and periodically posting.

Strategically integrating Instagram with your WordPress site can help you drive traffic and increase engagement. Additionally, it can be an effective way to reach new prospects, connect with your target audience, and build brand awareness.

In this post, we’ll discuss how social media channels such as Instagram can benefit your WordPress site (and vice versa). Then we’ll provide you with three tips for successfully integrating the two platforms. Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Connecting Instagram with WordPress

Social media networks present a plethora of opportunities to enhance your online marketing strategy. As one of the most used image and video sharing platforms today, Instagram serves as a particularly useful tool for capturing attention through visual content.

One of the biggest advantages of establishing a presence on Instagram is that there are many ways to gain visibility among your target audience. As a pillar of influencer marketing, Instagram is a quality platform for running cross-channel promotions, partnership deals, and other branding opportunities.

Many use Instagram, as well as other popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as a social search engine. Therefore, strategically using hashtags, geotags, and other Instagram features can heighten the discoverability of your brand. However, turning your social media followers into customers on your WordPress site is much easier when the channels are aligned.

Integrating Instagram with your WordPress site allows you to funnel visitors between the two platforms with ease. Rather than treating them as individual audiences, bridging the gap can help you save time and create more cohesive and consistent content.

3 Tips for Integrating Instagram With Your WordPress Site

We’ve covered some of the reasons why connecting your Instagram and WordPress site is beneficial. Now it’s time to tackle some of the best ways to go about it. Let’s take a look at three tips for integrating Instagram with your WordPress site.

1. Keep Your Branding and Aesthetic Consistent

A common social media mistake businesses make is treating it as a separate entity from, rather than an extension of, their WordPress site. However, keeping your branding consistent across channels offers a handful of benefits.

Carefully curating and maintaining a uniform appearance can:

  • Make it easier for your visitors to recognize and remember your brand
  • Demonstrate professionalism and credibility
  • Increase customer trust

One way to ensure brand consistency is to identify and establish an aesthetic. The key to creating and implementing an aesthetic on Instagram is to have it closely coincide with your website design.




This article was written by Will Morris and originally published on WP Mayor.

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