Five Useful Tools for Writing a Business Plan –

Five Useful Tools for Writing a Business Plan

If you want to turn your business idea into reality and successful business, then you should create a business plan. Not only will you use it to look for investors, but the business plan will also serve you as a guide on your entrepreneurial journey.

The business plan can help you craft your idea, plan business goals and resources, your service, and the pricing model. But to create your business plan, you will also need an understanding of finances and the economy.

And that is where tools for writing a business plan jump in. With the help of these tools, you can easily create your business plans and make them appealing. Follow some basic steps –  answer some questions and enter data, and that is it. Your business plan should be ready.

Five Most Useful Tools For Writing a Business Plan

1. LivePlan

LivePlan has many features that make it the best tool available. You can create your business plan from anywhere globally, and you have 500+ various templates at your disposal. LivePlan is also easy to use, and if you are a beginner, you have step-by-step instructions.

You can also use their online courses section and learn more about business plans. But this software is also one of the cheapest options on the market.

If you decide to quit your plan, LivePlan’s Palo Alto Software will save your data for a least a year so you can return to it at any moment. Except for business plans, you can also create charts, graphs, figures, profit and loss balance, and cash flow documents for your business.

2. Bizplan

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If you are looking to acquire new investors, Bizplan should be a good option. The software is easy to use and comes with instructions and pre-built templates. You create your templates and business plans using a drag and drop editor that may remind you of the website builder.

You also get access to their tools. Some of them are self-guided courses, masterclass videos, and how-to guides. On Bizplan, you also have a lifetime plan option and access to their business plan builder.

They also come with affordable year and plan-as-you-go plans. Moreover, the software’s option to publish your business plan online is handy if you look for new investors.

3. GoSmallBiz

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Another platform suitable for startups and small businesses is GoSmallBiz. GoSmallBiz is not just a business plan writing tool. The platform comes with many other features like business continuity planning software, website builder, and various design tools.

If you choose GoSmallBiz, you will also access their online courses, website analysis, business assessment tools, financial



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