Top 5 Best HostGator Alternatives for WordPress – Compared

Top 5 Best HostGator Alternatives for WordPress - Compared (2020)
  • By Dianna Gunn
  • April 2, 2020

HostGator is one of the most well-known names in the website hosting industry, but they are no longer one of the best. Sharp upticks in their renewal prices and an equally sharp decline in the quality of their customer service have many customers searching for the best HostGator alternatives.

This guide will explore why people are moving away from HostGator and what to look for in HostGator alternatives. We will then examine the best HostGator alternatives for cost-effective hosting, as well as a couple of premium options for managed WordPress hosting.

What to look for in the best HostGator Alternatives

Switching from one website host to another can be a major hassle, so you want to make sure that your new host is one you’re going to stick with. To ensure a long, successful relationship with your next web host, look for the following features:

Free domain

Your domain is what allows the internet to recognize your website. Without a domain, your website is unable to function in the public eye. In other words, it’s essential to running a website—and this means it should be included in your hosting package.

SSL certification

An SSL certificate makes it possible for your website to create an encrypted connection with a visitor’s browser. This keeps the data safe from third parties, functioning in much the same way as a sealed envelope. For several years, Google rankings have prioritized sites with SSL certification. This makes it an essential part of owning a website, and something that should be included with your hosting plan.


The best website hosts use a variety of protocols to keep your website safe. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) protects data being uploaded from your computer or server. Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) protects your website from hackers. Secured Shell Host (SSH) protects data sent between computers that are connected via the internet. Look for a website host that offers all of these features. You also want to look for a website host that provides protection from hotlinking, which effectively steals a portion of your bandwidth.

The final security feature you want a web host to offer is anti-DDOS software. This prevents attacks on your operating system.


An overwhelming 79% of online users will leave a site and never return if they experience slow load times. Furthermore, 47% of online users expect a load time of under two seconds, with a further 40% of users expecting your website to load in under three seconds. The best HostGator alternatives offer load times of less than one second.

Ease of use/quality of the cpanel

Transferring your website to a new host is enough of a disruption without adding a complex



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