Top 10 Digital Marketing Podcasts to Learn from the Experts

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Digitization has drastically transformed the world around us. It is sweeping businesses, organizations, and people off their feet. Take a look around you. You will barely find a person that is not on any social media platform.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other channel, people are eager to put themselves out there and connect with each other.

The same applies to businesses across the globe. With
billions of people out there are on social media channels, brands are eager to
reach out to them. They want to get noticed and stay in the user’s mind.

That’s where digital marketing comes into play. As a
customer, you can’t go without spotting a brand as you lurk around on the
Internet. Meanwhile, the brands can’t go without engaging with the customer and
getting noticed.

The point is that it is a two-way process and as much
as brands love to market their products, customers love to see them. Moreover,
with relevant advertising on social media platforms, brands help customers find
the right product, they’ve been looking for.

Digital marketing is thus, a win-win or both
customers and brands. It is a prospering field that combines with cutting edge
technology to miraculously transform a business.

Statistics suggest that 81
percent of the markets found that
investment in digital marketing increased traffic in as little as six hours per

So, if you’re interested in learning some amazing tricks that can help a brand grow digitally, you don’t need to worry. Neither do you have to refer to a lot of books nor attend lengthy lectures? Podcasts are in!

Podcasts are one of the coolest things of the modern
era. Those who are used to it know that it is an episodic series of audio files
that a user can download on their smartphones and listen as and when they want.

The word Podcast gains its creative name from two
separate words ‘pod’ and ‘broadcasts’. Pod refers to iPods or other portable
devices, giving the impression that you can listen to it anywhere you go.

On the other hand, broadcasts are mostly inspired by
the way radio mediums impart information to a mass audience. Therefore,
podcasts can be assumed to be consumed in exactly the same manner.

Generally, all podcasts are conversational ones,
between a host and a guest speaker. They are similar to radio talk shows etc.
Similarly, podcasts can also be monologues where a person shares their thoughts
or expertise regarding a subject.

Even though a lot of people have heard about them,
very few know that podcasts can actually make you smarter. They are one of the
most popular tools out there that are used for learning and promote personal

Podcasts are witnessing a surge in popularity all over the world. In the US alone more than 112 million



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