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Cards are one of the most important parts of special occasions. Be it a birthday, wedding or any other special event, invitation cards can evoke the personalized emotion of every occasion in a perfect way. Though in this digital age when communications can be incredibly handy across every event, traditionally printed invitation cards still have their value among people. They are stylish, elegant and make an event feel more exclusive immediately. Especially the personalized invitation cards can make the invitees feel really special.

So, do you want to design customized invitation cards? Then use mockups to do things easily. Here are the top 20 beautiful invitation card mockups that you can use to design cards, posters, postcards and more.

Mockup of an Invitation Card and a Cactus

Once you have the design for an invitation card all set, use a mockup to test its life-like version. Not only can you see how the physical version of it will look, but you can also use the presentation for any type of web promotion. Also, surprise your client with the photorealistic demonstration, and they will not need to use visualization to picture the real-life version of it. This stunning invitation card mockup approaches the presentation with a minimalistic setting. It features a white table, a sofa and a cactus. You always win the game with simplicity, delivering all the shine on your design first and foremost.

Back and Front View Mockup of Two Invitation Cards

back and front view mockup of two invitation cards

This invitation card mockup features two cards, which you can use for presenting the front and the back design or two entirely different arts. By the way, you can also slide in the inside design, but you can keep it blank, too. Moreover, change the color of the cards and the background, add a text overlay and append a catchy graphic. As for the latter, you can use one from the archives or even upload a custom one. Other than a predefined design, you do not really need much, heck, you do not even need to be a designer, and you will still create a top-notch outcome.

Mockup of a Woman Reading an A5 Invitation Card

mockup of a woman reading an a5 invitation card

You can always spice things up with a photorealistic presentation by using an invitation card mockup that features a human



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