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For the quickest solution, without the need to download any software to your computer, these free social media graphics creators are the ideal tools. There are quite a few on the market, some desktop only while the other exclusive to mobile devices. Yet again, there are others which cover all of the users.

It is impossible to have a social media account without images and graphics. Visuals are the way to go for your content strategy. At the end of the day, a picture says more than a thousand words. But those photos can be a struggle to make if you do not have any Photoshop knowledge or you do not want to spend money on the designer. Well, it is not quite like so.

Luckily, there are many alternatives available that will turn you into a designer yourself. And along the way, you will have a ton of fun coming up with unique designs for any social media platform you are using, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

With a solid online design tool for social media graphics, you can have engaging image posts ready almost immediately. Whether you are optimizing an image or making promotional material for a sale you are about to run, you can all make it with these SM graphics creators.

While all of the tools for creating graphics for social media are free of charge, premium options are available, too. By the way, in some of the cases, you do not even have to create an account and start using the editor right off the bat. However, signing up has its own perks. For instance, removing ads and having a distraction-free experience creating and editing your photos.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at our favorite social media graphics creators. No matter which you go with, you will have a blast crafting outstanding designs.

But first, if you need more material to include in your graphic creations, check out our pick of the top free vector images websites.


I put Canva the highest on the list for a reason. First and foremost, it is by far my favorite tool for doing all sorts of design stuff. And I feel like I am an actual designer (which I am not). It is too easy to use it and the options are endless. I was lucky enough to be one of the first folks to sign up with them to have a few extras although I am still using the free version. To be frank, it still amazes me how much you can do with it. It is almost unbelievable. All your social media is sorted with Canva.

Along with doing your own designs from scratch, you can use any of the available and ready-to-improve templates. Those will only speed up the process. You might like the template so much, you will only need to add the text and you are ready to post it on the social media platform of choice. For your information, you can even use the custom dimension feature when you know the exact size of the graphic you are about to create.

For everyone who is new to Canva, they also offer you a whole range of tutorials how to get started, create different shapes and icons and other whatnots. I do not want to sound promotional or anything, but go ahead and use Canva. You will going to love it.


pablo social media graphics

The tool for designing social media graphics that needs no sign up is Pablo. Salute to the developers for picking the best name for an online image editing software. Pablo is a fairly new tool with great functions for boosting your social media presence with fine content. It will take you very little time for completing image editing. In a breeze, you will pick the image, select the size, add a filter, text and stick your company logo to it. Voila, you are ready with a graphic that you previously might have a hard time coming up with. Now you can do it as fast as lightning. No, really.
What does the future hold for Pablo we do not know just yet, but we can guess that it will only do things better and better. But now, it is time for your first social media graphics to see the light.


pixlr graphics creator

If you want to have a Photoshop-like tool which is 10 (probably 100) times simpler to use, then Pixlr is the option for you. From the index page, you can choose one of two options, Pixlr Editor or Pixlr Express. The former is the one that comes loaded with functions for refining the preferred image the way you fancy. Meanwhile, Pixlr Express is a quick solution to add your personal touch to the photo with a filter, overlays or borders. Combined, you have a powerful software to stand out with your social media graphics. Create the designs, step by step, or pick a stock photo or template and start from there. Additionally, Pixlr also has a Chrome extension to give you even more freedom. It is robust, and it meets all your editing requirements. It is Pixlr!


piktochart social media graphics creator

Although tools like Canva have their own special section for infographics, Piktochart is a tool entirely dedicated to making infographics. No need to hire a creative professional, you can do it all on your own easily. What is special about Piktochart is the amount of predefined templates it comes with. There are over 600 professional layouts available for you to start using right away. You can choose between infographics, presentations and printable. Pick the one that suits your needs best and you are halfway there. All there is left for you to do is to edit, improve and share. Add text, fonts and colors, change images, find the right icons and even import your own Google Spreadsheet data. Yes, you can do it all with the fantastic web app, Piktochart. It is absolutely amazing how flexible the tool is.

Share your creation on the web, enter the online presentation mode or download and print as JPG, PNG or PDF. But it is best testing it yourself to really get the idea what is possible regarding infographics. After all, it is free of charge.


crello social media graphics

Creating graphics for social media is a little breeze once you access the outstanding Crello. First and foremost, you are welcome to put the software into action without spending a single penny. On the other hand, you can unlock a ton more features and functions with the pro plan. As for the free option, you get over ten thousand graphics and animated templates, access to 140 million stock images and it also comes with an option to upload your own fonts and images. Crello also works fantastically well both on desktop and mobile, so you can make stuff no matter where you are.

There are only four steps to undergo when creating a graphic with Crello. First, you choose the format of the template. Second, you select a predefined design. Third, now comes the fun part – editing and customizing. And fourth, you download your creation and distribute it across your social media accounts. That’s how easy it is.


desygner social media graphics design tool

Whether you haven’t yet designed anything in your life, or you are a senior designer, either way, you win the game with Desygner. This effortless to use, yet powerful social media graphics builder is for everyone. You can kick things off with the free forever plan and go from there. If the features are enough for you, enjoy the goodies of Desygner for as long as you want without opening your wallet. But you can upgrade at any time you fancy, as three different premium plans are also at your disposal.

You can now create professional graphics for your social media without breaking a single drop of sweat. Desygner’s design tool is a child’s play to use with all the practical features that will do you exceptionally well. Enjoy the simplicity and start hammering as many different designs and visual creations as you want, which will help you spread the word out for a special promotion, new product drop or whatever.

Adobe Spark

adobe spark social media graphics

Boost your workflow through the roof with Adobe Spark. A remarkable social media design tool for creating graphics like a champ, even if you are not a design expert yourself. After all, due to the simple method of making whatever design you want, with Adobe Spark, you learn on the fly. Of course, no previous experience is necessary, meaning, no excuses. And to make it even more exciting, no payment needed to start working with all the specialties and other whatnot that Adobe Spark has in store for you.

Thousands of free images and icons, brandable themes and templates, stunning typography, mobile and web support, you name it, Adobe Spark covers it for your convenience. Get the mobile app for your iOS or Android device and work on your social media masterpieces anytime, anywhere. Finally, if you need inspiration, you can also flip through the creations of others and witness what is possible with the spectacular Adobe Spark.


snappa social media graphics creator

Simple to use free online design app that will make you start deploying cutting edge social media graphics. Here is Snappa. Bringing into being content that will enhance your social media profiles is not questionable anymore. In quick few steps, you will have vivid pictures ready to hit any social platform you are using. Speaking of platforms, the first step of editing with Snappa is choosing the ideal image dimension. It has them ready for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all the rest. In other words, chose dimensions for social media posts, profile headers and blogs (and even infographics).

Then, you can do a variety of things. First, start with a pre-made template (there are many to choose from). Second, browse the massive library of free stock images. From then on, it is all about playing with adding texts, icons, effects and shapes, for as long as you do not feel your creation is just about perfect. And then, share your graphics straight away. Moreover, instead of repeating the process in case you need to resize the graphic, do it with just two clicks within Snappa app.

Landscape by Sprout Social

landscape by sprout social social meda image resizer

May the name not fool you, nope, Landscape is not a landscape-only-based tool for your social media creations. It is a tool that resizes images to the sizes tailored specifically to the social media platform you need them for. And the process, well, it could not be simpler. Seriously. You only need to upload your photo and then it is all about some clicking and that is essentially it. After the upload, choose the social network you need the graphic for and make it resize it for you.

Landscape by Sprout Social covers all, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc., and even offers to pick your custom size. Each option then has a few additional sizes for choosing whether you want the image to be profile picture, header, post or any other exclusive size to the platform. All there is left for you to do is to download the resized image and update your social account with it.


fotor social media photo editor

Photo editing at its finest with Fotor. There is all you need to create excellent social media graphics without moving from one location to another. Everything in one place, from improving to storing in the cloud. This way, you have access to your designs anywhere. From photo editing, to photo effect and portrait retouching, it is all possible with Fotor. Available are also thousands of remarkable templates for any social media platform.

Your design start has never been more comfortable. Choose the shape, drag and drop the image and start editing. Add one from the list of hundreds of fonts, implement a sticker and perform other tweaks that range from shadow drop to transparency and blur. Fotor also supports HD PDF files up to 300 dpi. Need your graphics to hit the print shop?
At all times, you have a selection of tutorials and guides available to further improve your editing skills. Start now and benefit from the wondrous features Fotor sports.


memecenter social media graphics

Wherever you look online, chances are, you will stumble across a hilarious meme. It is a practice that has been with us for a long time. Like quotes work extremely well, testing out memes is a great strategy, too. If you do it wisely and target something that is specific to the industry you are in, you might go viral. Coming up with your own meme is extremely easy when using MemeCenter. You have it all you need for this sort of social media graphics. From the top right corner, you click the Create button and choose any from four options. Memebuilder, Quickmeme, Gifmaker and upload and edit your own visual. Like the tool itself advises you, try to be funny, creative and original and success is upon you.


easelly graphics creator

Easel.ly makes building an infographic, hence the name, easily. Start building by picking one from thousands of templates for timeline, reporting, resume and other. Or, on the other hand, jump in with both feet and start creating from square one. Whichever process you take, the end result will always be as fine as a dime. And you will not even need to invest a whole lot of time into it. Especially if picking a preset template. Simply drag the layout you find ideal for your infographic on the canvas and start editing, changing and customizing.

And that goes for any element of the infographic. In other words, you can truly tailor it to your needs without putting much effort into it. There is a heck lot of material available for you to blend into your infographic and make it stand out. The drag and drop editor is hilariously simple to use and efficient. Put together your first infographic today, it is free.

Social Image Resizer Tool

social media image resizer tool

In the modern web age we are living, websites and social media platforms use a range of different photo sizes. Doing all the resizing manually takes time. Avoid the process and take to your advantage Social Image Resizer Tool. This one comes ideal for resizing and cropping your images for the web. You do not have to worry anymore what is the exact size of a Facebook post, Instagram profile picture or Twitter header.

After you upload the photo, pick the size from the drop-down menu. Move and scale the selected area that appears, press Done Editing and let Social Image Resizer Tool do its thing for you. Of course, you can use the custom resizing feature, too, and see the exact dimension on the go. To edit a new image or discard the current, press the Start Over button and jump all the way to the beginning.


infogram infographics creator

Since infographics can take a whole lot of time to finalize them or a good chunk of the ad budget, there is another approach to get them happen.

There are a number of online web editors available which focus solely on creating infographics. Infogram is a practical, and maybe even the most straightforward, tool for turning your researches and studies into visuals. Pick the style and start editing straight away. Import your data and turn it into charts or graphs in a snap.

With Infogram, you can start for free and later on upgrade with a premium account if you are turning into a serial infographic creator. One thing is for sure, you will have a ton of fun putting things together all on your own. It would almost be an entertainment itself. There is also an examples section on Infogram so you get a better idea what is possible with this superb tool. Construct a travel infographic, one for your math studies, your food blog or even your corporate firm.


stencil social media graphics

It is smooth and enjoyable working with Stencil. Unrealistically simple web creator for your astonishing social media graphics that will take your social accounts to a whole other level. Just that it is a real as you and me. Keep every creation as professional as possible by putting barely any time and effort into it. If that is something that intrigues you, Stencil is most certainly one of the instruments that will greatly help you. Marketers, bloggers and even small businesses can take Stencil to their advantage as the easiest solution for their social media posts. You should also take into account the fact how speedy Stencil is. It will take you the shortest amount of time.

The fastest approach to creating social media visuals is to pick a background, add some text and you are done. However, there is a ton more you can do with Stencil. Although you are limited with the free plan, you will still have enough options to bring about real web art masterpieces.

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