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Top 6 WordPress Plugins for Social Networks Including TikTok - WPArena

Are you looking for plugins to add social buttons to your WordPress website? Do you know which ones work best? Which ones stand out for some features or are less recommended by others? In this list, we’ve collected and analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the top six WordPress social networking plugins.

Today there are hundreds of WordPress Plugins for sharing content on social networks. Still, it is not always easy to decide which one best suits our strategy since we must take into account several parameters.

Some of them could be: the loading time they consume, if it is responsive, the design, if it is of good usability, etc. Taking into account these points, we have decided to analyze those that work best to help you decide on one of them.

Why do we think it is essential to know which are the best WordPress Plugins for social networks?

For one simple reason, we believe that no website should be dependent on just one source of traffic today. We all agree that getting organic traffic is one of the main goals of any website.

But, until we achieve that positioning, social traffic is fundamental to the success of any brand or company on the Internet. And to get that social traffic, including from TikTok, which is a top-rated app nowadays, nothing better than using the right tools. And this is where the importance of knowing how to select the best WordPress plugins to add social buttons to our website comes in. As well as using tools that can help with social media accounts just like lionelarnaudie who specializes in TikTok

5 Essential features when choosing the best plugin

Well, here is a point where there may be some discord since every website has its objectives; that’s why some plugin features may be better suited to some strategies than others. So, we will focus on five basic features:

1: The time or speed of loading the plugin

We know that the user experience on a website is critical today. That’s why the loading time of the plugin can’t be high since it slows down the web, and that can lead the reader to leave the website before it loads.

On the other hand, one of the essential points in the web positioning is the speed of loading the site, because if it is slow, Google will be able to penalize that web.

2: Make it responsive

That is to say, that it adapts to mobile devices. The plugin you select must be correctly adapted to smaller screens such as tablets or mobiles.

Why is this point significant? Well, because nowadays, a considerable part of the population has access to content through mobile devices, and if your plugins are not responsive, they may stop sharing those contents.

3: Freedom of location and management

An essential point, since not all plugins allow it. Most of them will enable you to place the plugin:

at the beginning of the post;

or at the end of the post.




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