Transferito Review: Fast, Easy WordPress Migration Tool

Transferito Review: Fast, Easy WordPress Migration Tool (2021)

If you use WordPress long enough, you’ll almost certainly encounter a situation where you need to migrate a WordPress site.

You might be changing hosts, moving a site from your local environment to your live hosting, working with client sites, or something else. The point is – migrations are a pretty common thing to do, but they can be frustratingly difficult, especially if you need to move a large site.

Transferito makes migrations a lot easier and faster by using a cloud-based approach to move your site to its new destination. It can handle both small and large sites, with advertised plans that have up to a 50 TB transfer size limit.

In our Transferito review, we’ll share more about what this plugin does and show you how it works to migrate a site using Transferito.

Transferito Features

Transferito’s most unique feature is that it uses a cloud-based approach to migrate your site. It’s not the only plugin to do this, but this feature is notable because I find this cloud-based approach to be a lot simpler than the more manual approach that a lot of the popular WordPress migration plugins use.

With those other plugins, you typically export your site as one or two files. Then, you need to manually upload those files to your destination and you’ll get some sort of feature to turn them into a working version of your site.

This manual approach is workable for small sites, but it can really bog down if you have a large site because it’s a pain to manually download and upload those files. Most other migration plugins offer a cloud integration with S3 or Google Drive to get around this, but it’s still not super convenient.

With Transferito’s cloud-based approach, you get to completely skip the “download → upload” part of migrating a WordPress site. Instead, all you do is:

  • Install the Transferito plugin.
  • Enter the FTP or cPanel details for your destination server.
  • Wait for Transferito to directly move your files for you – no downloading and uploading!

It’s much simpler – especially for larger sites.

Beyond that cloud-based approach, Transferito also offers some other features to make your migrations go smoother, especially if you migrate a lot of WordPress sites:

  • Partial migrations – in addition to migrating your entire site, Transferito also lets you only migrate your files or just migrate certain folders.
  • Database URL replacements – Transferito will automatically run a search/replace on your database to make sure your migrated site uses its new URL. It will also handle database serialization issues to ensure no problems.
  • Privacy-friendly – Transferito automatically deletes all your credentials ASAP so that it’s never storing your FTP/database/cPanel credentials.

If you pay for the premium version, you also get some unique



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WP Mayor.

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