Transform Your Gym with a Booking Plugin –

Transform your gym with a booking plugin.

From being the poster-child of broken New Year resolutions to being the new way of life, fitness has come a long way. This is reflected in the rise in gym memberships and health clubs over the last two decades. 

This includes varied types of activities that fall under “fitness”; cross-fit, yoga and its forms, Zumba, pilates, sports, aerobics, aerial workouts and more. 

The US has over 35,000 such establishments and thousands more are added each year. This means that there is a big opportunity for new gyms, but it’s also equally competitive. 

As a gym or a fitness center, you need to find new ways to bring in customers and ensure you keep them on board. And there is no dearth of gym marketing ideas you can employ; using social media to spread the word, holding seasonal discounts, market to corporates, offer flexible plans, group activities and more. 

The Post-Marketing Challenge

Kosher. But with more customers, you want to be able to manage them and their timings better, to ensure that your gym does not get overcrowded or chaotic. This is where the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce comes into play; with WooCommerce as the online shopping platform.

Using this one plugin, on average priced less than two monthly memberships, you can allow customers to make any number of reservations, book for trainer appointments and much more. Whether you want to have day-based bookings, or date-based, or both.

Create day or date-time based bookings.

You can allow customers to reschedule their bookings, set varying prices based on the time of the year or the discounts you want to offer, accept recurring bookings from those who want regular slots but not full memberships, and more.

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