How to turn your WordPress installation into a high selling machine


Converting WordPress into a high selling machine is not a new thing. Rather, people are using various e-commerce plugins to convert WordPress into a selling machine. However, using plugins is not enough when you want to groom up your WordPress site as a top-flight salesperson. Here in this blog, we will discuss how several off-page and on-page techniques can make your site a good salesperson.

Make your WordPress a Top-Flight Salesperson

How to turn your WordPress installation into a high selling machine 1

A top-flight salesperson is treasured by every company. If you have a WordPress website, you can certainly make your own “salesperson.” Your website could be the salesperson for 24/7. It can engage your potential customers with more information about products or services. It can build trust, create a relationship with the visitors, and motivate them to select and buy any products.

But, is it really meeting your expectations? In short, is it merely helping your potential customers but not driving them psychologically to buy a product? Is it selling products from the store but not as efficient as you wished to be?

If the answer is “Yes,” then your website is not an automated selling machine. Here we are presenting step by step solution to convert your website into an automated selling machine.

Determine the USP or Unique Selling Point

Before you start stepping in to convert your website to an automated selling machine, you need to define the “USP” or Unique Selling Point of your business. What is USP?

It is a simple logic that if you are buying any product from any source (local store or online store), there must be a reason for selecting that particular seller. Maybe you like the features or looks of the store; maybe the products come at a cheaper price or the high product quality. This particular reason could be marked as USP.

So, before converting your website into a high selling machine, you have figure out the “USP.” The next strategies will be developed based on this USP.

Step 1: Promote Your USP like anything (social media)

promote your blog 

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