How to update PHP Versions In WordPress (eg. PHP 7.4)

WordPress PHP Benchmarks

With PHP 7.4 out, it’s time to update your PHP version.

Upgrading PHP versions is one of the easiest ways to make your WordPress site faster.

In fact, Kinsta’s PHP benchmarks showed PHP 7.4 was almost 3x faster than PHP 5.6. When upgrading PHP versions is as simple as logging into your hosting account and clicking a couple buttons, there’s no reason to run an outdated PHP version like many WordPress users do.

Why You Should Upgrade PHP Versions

  • Makes your site faster
  • Makes your site more secure
  • Facilitates better error handling
  • WordPress recommends PHP 7.3 or greater
  • WooCommerce recommends PHP 7.2 or greater

WordPress statistics show nearly 50% of WordPress users still use PHP 7.0 or lower:

WordPress PHP Versions


1. Check Your Current PHP Version

The easiest way to check your current PHP version is in your hosting account.

Find the PHP version manager (or similar) and check which version you’re currently on:

Cloudways PHP Version

You can also use the Display PHP Version plugin:

Display PHP Version

Or use Query Monitor:

Query Monitor PHP Version



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