Voice Search SEO: How to Optimize for Voice Search in ?

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Looking for an in-depth guide on voice search SEO? Then look no further.

Whether you know it or not, half of all online searches will be made through voice search and the number is only growing every year.

If you’re not optimizing your website for voice searches yet, this is the time to fix it. 


Because… voice search is the FUTURE.

Did you know that voice-enabled shopping is expected to rise to $40 billion in revenue generated by 2022.

As you can see above, voice search shopping is projected to rise at $40 billion in the U.S. and $5 billion in the U.K. by the end of 2022.

We hope that you’re now convinced to optimize your website for voice search if you want to stay in the game for the future. Let’s now get into the details.

What is voice search SEO?

Let’s first talk about voice search. 

“Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows a user to speak a search query into a device.”

In simple terms, voice search allows a searcher to use a voice command to search the Internet. That means it allows users to use search engines by speaking on a smartphone or computer.

There are many platforms that allow people to use their voice to browse information online. 

Examples include Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, and more.

Now, let’s talk about voice search SEO.

Optimizing your content for voice searches is what voice search SEO is all about. So it is extremely important for you to find those keywords that people use for voice search.

In a voice search, people use different keywords to search for information online.

For instance, people might type “hospital near me,” but using voice search, they would say “what is the nearest hospital near me.”

Are you getting it?

In the voice search, people mostly use “elaborated i.e long-tail keywords”. 

Voice search optimization statistics:

Here are some of the amazing voice search SEO stats.

  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 according to ComScore
  • 27% of the online global population is using voice search on mobile, according to Google
  • 72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc) say their devices are often used as part of their daily routine
  • A Gartner study predicts that 30% of all browsing sessions will include voice search by 2021
  • According to an Adobe Analytics survey, the most common voice searches on smart speakers are asking for music (70%) and the weather forecast (64%), followed by fun questions (53%), online search (47%), news (46%), and asking directions (34%)

What are the benefits of optimizing your website for voice search?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of optimizing your site for voice search in 2021 and beyond 




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