20 Ways to Get More Clients

20 Ways to Get More Clients

“How can I get more clients?” It’s a question that plagues every small business and startup and while many “experts” claim to have the silver bullet to grow your customer base, it takes time and dedication to steadily increase your client list.

Now, before you stress too much, there are a few simple things you can do to start building quality relationships with new clients. I’ve put together a roadmap of strategies you can implement right away.

1. Create a Blog

Writing blog posts is one of the most efficient ways to get potential clients to notice your product or service. The first step to creating a great blog is to put yourself in your client’s shoes to consider the topics they want to read.If you are a personal stylist, for instance, you could share tips of the most recent styles for each body type in your blog post.

Create an attractive landing page to encourage potential clients to read through your content. If you are a designer, share tips on how to utilize WordPress for the best results. Your aim should be to express immense expertise in the field you are discussing.

Blog posts are a unique way to offer advice to your client while marketing your service or product. It is more like you are advising the client while you market your service or product. Show off your skills to your readers and then direct them to your services page or subscription to email newsletters.

2. Network online and offline

You could choose to sit behind your computer screen all week. However, that will only market you online, and while it is a large client base, offline marketing is almost equally important. Plan conferences or meetups in an area where your prospective clients can easily access.

Online marketing is crucial to the growth of your business. If you don’t already have one create a LinkedIn profile. Make sure to fill in as many details about your product as you can. You can also regularly share up-to-date work samples on your posts. A great idea would be to share links to your blog posts in your LinkedIn news feeds. Don’t forget  to take some time and seek potential clients and link with as many of them as possible.

Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your product and try showing your expertise without coming off wordy and untrustworthy. Show the advantages of your product(s) without being salesy. There are groups for every industry in LinkedIn, so it will be quite easy for you to get chances to answer questions in your field and provide your audience with easy solutions. This is one way of creating social proof that you know enough to be legitimate in your business.

You never know, you might also land a new client on LinkedIn while showing off your expertise. It is an excellent way to grow your connections and significantly add to your client list.

3. Ask for referrals

Referrals are quite a popular way of getting new clients in today’s market. However, not many merchants ask for referrals. Most of them just sit back and wait



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