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Empower course creators on LearnDash site

Gone are the days where the job of course creators on your LearnDash site was restricted to only creating and editing courses. Today, they expect more authority allowing them to monitor, work, and help students immediately and efficiently.

By empowering your course creators, you will be able to encourage and develop trust with them, in turn, motivating them to work hard and stay with your business in the long run.

Having said this, it does beg the natural question – “How can I empower my course creators”?

Well, read on to find out about the seven ways in which you can empower course creators on your LearnDash site.

Seven ways in which you can empower your course creators

Made specifically for LearnDash, you can use WISDM’s Instructor Role plugin, which acts as a multipurpose plugin that not only allows your course creators to create their own courses but also empowers them in several different ways. Take look:

1. Empower course creators with access to student reports

Remember how your school teacher would give you more attention when they went through your reports and found out about the particular chapter or lesson that was troubling you?

Now, in eLearning, it is quite difficult to have face to face personal conversations with each student but, this plugin, however, tries to bridge this gap by enabling your course creators to access each student’s report.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of empowering your course creators with access to student reports:

Benefits of providing access to student reports:

  • Clarity on the actual progress – Providing access to student reports will allow your instructors to check how many students have completed the course, who is lagging behind, their progress and even download the course report, in turn, providing clarity on the overall progress of the student and enabling instructors to figure the content plan
  • Improve learning experience – The course-specific reports make it much easier to track each student’s performance, identify their pain points (lesson/quiz), draw up solutions leading to personalization and ultimately, improve the learning experience for each student.

This is one of the greatest authority you can empower your course creators with to enable personalization, which will encourage your instructors to work on updating the course regularly and help students learn effectively.

2. Direct communication with students

“Communication is the key”; I’m sure most of us would’ve come across this phrase several times in our lives.

Well, with WISDM’s Instructor Role plugin, you will



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