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increase productivity as full-time blogger

Maintaining your productivity is difficult in the best of times, even more so if you happen to be a self-employed blogger. You have to be consistently coming up with fresh ideas for good blog posts, master the art of SEO, manage your social media, and run marketing campaigns. Your to-do list can feel overwhelming.

So, how do you increase your productivity? While each person has their ways, in this article, I’ll share five tried and tested ones that work for me. You can use these to complement your methods. Let’s get started.

1.   Set Your Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are performance metrics for measuring business goals. I use them across all of my businesses. Having goals helps me quantify what success looks like, and how I’m progressing toward my targets.

In this case, your business is a blog, so your KPIs could be the following:

  • How much revenue you are making: this seems like an obvious one, but many people focus on website visitors. This is a vanity metric. The number of visitors you get won’t help you buy food at the supermarket or pay for your rent.
  • Growth of your email list: you’ve probably heard the phrase the money is in the list. It’s true. An email list is your most valuable marketing asset. Choose a good email provider – I use Sendlane – and start connecting and selling to your list.
  • Website traffic growth: while the number of visitors your site gets might be a vanity metric, you generally want to increase your rankings for certain phrases. You can either track these phrases or lump them all together and track overall traffic to your site.

Those are just three examples of the type of metrics you could be tracking. The important thing is that you set KPIs that align with your goals so you can track and evaluate your progress. So, for example, if you see your traffic is up, but revenue is down, you can focus on improving conversions on your site by, say, updating the look of your blog.

2.   Define the Value of Your Time

Running a blog can be a full-time job. The problem is, the more traffic you get to your site, the longer your “to-do list” seems to get. Yet, there are only a finite number of hours in the day. You need to optimize your time, so you focus on the tasks that help grow your business.

As a first step to doing this, you need to put a value on your time. This is basically your monthly income divided by the number of hours you work in a week. Once you’ve done that, you should put a monetary value on the tasks you need to complete.

So, for example, a blog post might take you three hours to write. That’s a good chunk of your day. Conversion Rate Optimization, on the other hand, might take you three hours, but result in a 20% increase in your revenue.

Now, with only so many hours in the day, you need to focus on the tasks that help you grow your business. In this case, that could be the



This article was written by Nico Prins and originally published on WP Newsify.

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