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The pandemic has been challenging for all of us. People have been furloughed, ended careers, or shuttered their own businesses. This has caused many to start looking at new careers to start. Whether you fit into one of those situations or you are looking to change directions, the field of becoming a web designer can be lucrative.

Multiple studies, surveys and reports from independent businesses and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate there is a tech talent shortage. The good news is that this all means that it’s the perfect time to start looking at a career in the tech industry.

Today, we’re going to highlight what it looks like to be a web designer and the type of work you would do on a regular basis. We are even running a Web Design Bootcamp later this month to help kickstart your career in becoming a web designer.

What is a Web Designer?

What is a web designer? In a nutshell, a web designer refers to a designer who creates digital assets for a website. A web designer’s goal focuses on the overall appearance of a website and the layout structure. At times, a web designer may even work on the web content seen on a site.

The website’s look includes imagery, font, and colors displayed on the website. The layout structure of a website relates to how the aesthetics on a site is organized. When it comes to creating a great web design, less is always more. Excellent web design layouts often are easy to use and also represent a brand well.

Visually, unique web design layouts are appealing to the users too. Successful webpage layouts are usually created to be simple to use so that the website is user-friendly. If a web design isn’t user-friendly, most likely, users will not return to the site. Web designers always want their websites to have good user interaction (UI) because it eliminates any possibility of user frustration.

Ways to create a good UI

You need to consider a wide range of people that could be viewing your work. They will have a variety of needs, some might have disabilities, and you could face a lot of opinions about what makes good design.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure you take into account these factors when creating, as they will help you build a foundation for your UI to live.


My dad taught me a long time ago that often the right solution to a problem is the simpler one. And that holds true in everything I’ve come across in my career. (If we’re honest, I’m sure there were several times he told me to K.I.S.S or “Keep it simple stupid”)

Trained designers and artists often want their works of art to be shown in museums or art exhibits. I’ve seen many works of art over the years that are delicate, intricate, beautiful



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