Web Developer Ditches $500 Security Fix And Cleans Up Over 5,000 Malware Hacks Using Defender

Web Developer Ditches $500 Security Fix And Cleans Up Over 5,000 Malware Hacks Using Defender

When New Now Creative had their site hacked, they paid a security company hundreds of dollars to fix it.  This time around, when their client’s site got infected with malware, they simply used Defender to get rid of 5000+ hacks.

Getting your own site hacked when you’re supposed to be the expert is not only embarrassing, it’s every website owner’s nightmare!

This is what happened to Victoria Gabaldon, co-founder of New Now Creative Agency.

Nino and his wife Victoria run the New Now Creative Branding & Design Agency.

“My own site got hacked…a very expensive fix!”

Years ago, Victoria’s own site got hacked and she hired a well-known security company for a very expensive fix.

Last year, while visiting an old client’s site, she was horrified to discover that her client’s site had been hacked.

Screenshot of Defender scan on malware infected site.The screenshot Victoria took of her client’s malware-infected site.

Google’s automated malware-detection system had placed a warning page on the site requiring removal of the malware and securing the site before they would restore it on their search results.

Victoria immediately let her client know that the site was infected with malware and contacted a specialist in malware removal for a quote.

Malware removal quote.The malware removal quote.

The malware removal company quoted Victoria $499.99 per year to secure the site or $49.99 per month for emergency hack repair and blacklist removal.

“WPMUDEV made me look like THE superhero!”

Victoria’s client was worried about the cost. While searching for cheaper and effective alternatives, Victoria came across Defender, WPMU DEV’s security and malware removal plugin.

As she recalls, “I must have come across something from WPMUDEV can’t recall what it was exactly….but I do remember getting on with chat and them telling me that the plugin COULD clean up a site….needless to say I was quite skeptical but knew my client couldn’t afford what the other places were asking, so I told them I would do it at a highly discounted rate and they agreed to let me try since this was my first stab at it ;} gratefully they knew me well enough to trust me for the ride…”

In Victoria’s own words, here’s what she did next:

“Knowing I could use Defender to remove malicious



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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