How Web Hosting Affects Your Online Business and Its Security –

How Web Hosting Affects Your Online Business and Its Security - WPArena

Most people see web hosting has a necessary part of doing business. They understand that if they don’t have web hosting, they can’t get their website on the Internet. But from the standpoint of many, all web hosting is created the same. They are happy if they are not paying too much money for web hosting, and their site is up and available when they go online.

Many people do not understand the far-reaching consequences their choice of web hosting will have not only on their website’s performance but also on the site’s security and the long-term reputation of their business. Good web hosting is an excellent investment. It offers a quantifiable, tangible, long-term return on investment.

If the web hosting provider you choose is not reliable, your business is going to struggle with inconsistent performance, unwanted downtime, and security issues that could put your private data and the private data of your clients at risk. If you had a customer who wanted to purchase something from your e-commerce store, but they could not complete the transaction because of a security glitch or a glitch with the web server, you would lose that customer forever.

Appreciating the Link between Web Hosting and Security

According to Clark School’s study at the University of Maryland, a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds in the US. Small businesses are usually an easy target for hackers ’cause their cybersecurity infrastructure is not nearly as hackerproof as it’s a common practice for some bigger companies. Securing your company properly costs a lot less than a data breach.

When most people think about online security, the first thing they think about is services like a VPN. And it’s true that when used properly, a good VPN can boost your company’s online security by encrypting and creating a secure tunnel for the data you are transmitting over your network. However, your web hosting service plays an even more valuable role in keeping your business and website safe. Basically, it all starts with choosing a secure web hosting solution for your company.

First, you need to understand that regardless of the size of your business, some cybercriminals and hackers want to get access to the data on your website. Small businesses are not immune. They are a favorite target of cybercriminals and hackers because most lack the security protocols you would find with larger organizations.

For this reason, it is essential to take critical steps to guarantee that your web hosting provider is giving you the best security measures to protect your site. This includes getting rid of malware and having other scanners in place to identify and eliminate malicious code that hackers need to try to introduce.

A good web host provider is going to have a powerful policy that protects you from distributed denial of service attacks. A distributed denial of service attack can render your website useless. By bombarding your side with so many fake visitors, it can slow things down to where



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