Get Your Website Ready for the Holiday Season

Get Your Website Ready for the Holiday Season

Based on these figures alone, it’s essentially a no-brainer that e-commerce and the holiday season are none other than a match made in heaven. But, that being said, how do we tap into that universe of delivering the most sought-out, valuable products to online shoppers in a user-friendly, convenient way? And, in general, what can we expect from the 2020 holiday season — where consumers’ needs, interests, and most of all financial constraints have shifted?

  • Adobe Analytics predicts that online holiday season spending will reach $180 billion in 2020. If the flu season keeps preventing people from going to brick and mortar stores, shoppers might spend as much as $200 billion.

Knowing that weather influences whether or not holiday shoppers will be making online orders or venturing out to stores can also help web creators with their planning. For example, you can even set dates for promotions based on weather forecasts. If you see that there’s a day that the weather is so miserable that there is no way shoppers can leave the house and stay dry, you may want to do a spontaneous promotion for that day, knowing people will be especially home-bound. Why not seize the rainy day?

  • “BOPIS”, which is the term used to describe the option to order an item online and have it reserved for you in-store — will reach over 40% growth from 2019. 

If “BOPIS” is relevant to your store and business model, try and make it an option for shoppers. Given how many brick and mortar stores have responded to this year’s pandemic by making their store accessible through a website, “BOPIS” is much more common and therefore expected by prospective customers. There is great potential here, we may as well leverage it.

  • Mobile shopping will account for 42% of the season’s online purchases

You can equate mobile-friendliness with a friendly salesperson or shopping advisor. If you want your customers to be greeted with warmth and holiday cheer, this applies to your website, too. It should be inviting, and welcome any device or screen size your customers are working with. 

Okay, so, now that we’ve been clued in to some more insight on what e-commerce key trends and behaviors we can expect to see this holiday season, let’s devise a plan of how we can contribute to these figures and reach for the stars. In other words, leverage the current rapidly-growing trend of online shopping and use it to take our websites to new heights.

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This article was written by Orlee Gillis and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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