Wix Domain Cost Explained: Which Plan to Pick and Which to Avoid

Wix Domain Cost Explained: Which Plan to Pick and Which to Avoid

A domain name is one of the essential pieces of online real estate. In other words, it’s really hard to build any sort of online presence without a domain name being an element of it. This is what brings us to the topic of Wix domain cost.

Wix is one of the most popular website builder tools out there. The fact that it comes with a free plan probably has something to do with that. But there’s way more to Wix than just their free plan.

Particularly, their domain pricing structure can be a bit confusing. In this post, we tell you all about the Wix domain cost.

But first:

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What is a domain name?

As you may know, search engines find your website on the internet using a string of numbers called an IP address. But that’s not the way your readers look for your website – they type in your website name in the address bar of their browsers. This name by which your users remember and find you is called a domain name. The domain name system (DNS) then directs them to your IP address.

Once you understand that a domain name is what folks use to search for your website online, it’s easy to see why a relevant, catchy, and easy-to-remember domain name is important. It enhances trust and credibility. Moreover, the right keywords in your domain name can also tell search engines what your business is all about. This makes it easier to find your website on the internet.

Where can you purchase domain names?

You can purchase domain names through registrars accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). These registrars are responsible for both managing your domain and keeping track of periodical renewals.

The price of a domain name may vary across registrars, as they offer different domain plans with different feature lists. In general, you can buy a domain name for between $10 and $20 per annum. However, this depends on many things, like the specific domain extension you want to buy, validity period, running offers and discounts, and more. You can also purchase pre-owned domain names from their rightful owners, though these names usually cost more.

Wix plans summarized

Wix offers two main types of plans: Website plans and Business & eCommerce plans. Under the hood, both behave rather similarly – they let you build a website by yourself. However, in the case of Business & eCommerce plans, that website also allows you to list your products and sell them directly through the site with a handy shopping cart functionality.

Wix domain cost explained

Depending on the specific Wix plan that you choose, you may or may not get a domain name included for free.

Let’s break your options down one by one:

  • Wix’s free plan allows you to neither buy a custom domain from Wix nor connect a domain name that you bought elsewhere.



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