WooCommerce Direct Checkout Review: Add a ‘Buy Now’ Button + More

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Review: Add a 'Buy Now' Button + More

If you want to encourage people to buy products from your WooCommerce store, you want to make the checkout process as frictionless as possible. For example, Amazon adds a Buy Now button in addition to the add to cart button so that shoppers can immediately purchase a product.

With the WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin, you can add that same functionality to your WooCommerce store. That is, you can add a button that takes shoppers straight to the WooCommerce checkout page, completely skipping the shopping cart page.

If it works for Amazon, it will probably work for your WooCommerce store!

Plus, you can also modify your checkout process in tons of other ways, like merging the cart and checkout pages together to create a single unified checkout process.

In our WooCommerce Direct Checkout review, we’ll share more about this plugin’s features and then give you a hands-on look at how WooCommerce Direct Checkout works on a real WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Review: The Feature List

WooCommerce Direct Checkout helps you modify your store’s checkout in broad ways.

You can adjust the checkout behavior for three different areas:

  • Single product pages
  • Shop archive
  • Checkout page

On your single product pages, you can add a dedicated “Buy Now” button that takes shoppers straight to checkout. You can also add Ajax add to cart behavior for the normal add to cart button and choose default product attributes for variable products.

You can either add this button in addition to the regular add to cart button or just use a single “Buy Now” button that takes people straight to the checkout page (great for single product stores).

On the shop archive page, you can change the add to cart button text and also add a modal product quick view feature.

Finally, you can also modify how the checkout page itself functions. For example, you can add shopping cart functionality to your checkout so that users can adjust their orders from the checkout page. You can also otherwise modify your checkout process, like removing some fields.

If you want even more control over the fields on your WooCommerce checkout, check out our WooCommerce Checkout Manager review. This is a plugin from the same developer that lets you add, remove, or modify WooCommerce checkout fields. The two work perfectly together.

Below, I’ll show you a front-end example and then I’ll take you through all of the backend settings.

How WooCommerce Direct Checkout Works for Shoppers

WooCommerce Direct Checkout lets you modify your checkout in a lot of different ways, which I’ll show you in a second. However, first off, I want to give you a quick look at what the “Buy Now” feature looks like. This is the feature that basically mimics how Amazon does things.

Here’s my normal single product page without the plugin installed:



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