How To Use WooCommerce Shortcodes in Your Online Store │

How To Use WooCommerce Shortcodes in Your Online Store │Elementor

To display lists of WooCommerce products, WooCommerce now only gives you a single product shortcode as of WooCommerce 3.2 (previously, you had separate shortcodes for featured products, best-selling products, etc.).

However, while there’s only a single base shortcode now, you get a lot of different shortcode modifiers to control which products to display, including options to highlight featured products, sale products, best-selling products, recent products, and more.

The base shortcode is [products], but you can then add more options to control exactly which products to display:

  • limit – how many products to display. Or set “-1” to list all products.
  • columns – how many columns to divide your grid into.
  • paginate – true or false to turn pagination on.
  • orderby – how to order products – date, id, menu_order, popularity, rand, rating, or title.
  • skus – show specific product SKUs.
  • category – show products from one or more categories.
  • tag – show products from one or more tags.
  • order – ASC or DESC order based on orderby.
  • class – add an HTML wrapper with a custom CSS class.
  • on_sale – only retrieve on-sale products.
  • best_selling – only retrieve best-selling products.
  • top-rated – only retrieve top-rated products.

You’ll also get more detailed parameters to target specific types of products:

  • attribute – retrieve products with a certain attribute slug.
  • terms – comma-separated list of terms to use with attribute
  • terms_operator – use it to add operators like AND, IN, or NOT IN. For example, you could require products to contain two attributes by using AND.
  • tag_operator – the same thing but for tags.
  • cat_operator – the same thing but for categories.
  • visibility – display products based on their visibility status – visible, catalog, search, hidden, featured.
  • ids – display specific products by adding their product IDs

Because this is the most versatile shortcode, we’ll go through a few different examples of how to use the products shortcode to highlight specific types of products.

Example #1: Display the six best-selling products in a three-column grid:

[products limit=”6″ columns=”3″ best_selling=”true” ]

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