WooLentor Review: Use to Design Your WooCommerce Store

WooLentor Review

Ever wished that you could design your entire WooCommerce store using a visual, drag-and-drop interface?

Being able to perfect your store’s design is important – optimizing your design will have a huge effect on your conversion rates and how many products your shoppers buy. 

However, unless you’re a developer, it can be hard to know where to start with customizing your theme, which is why so many WooCommerce stores rely on off-the-rack themes.

One solution is to use a WordPress page builder plugin. People love Elementor because it lets you visually design completely custom designs using a drag-and-drop interface. However, you can’t use it to design your entire WooCommerce store…by default.

That’s where WooLentor comes in – WooLentor lets you use the Elementor interface to take control of every single part of your store – even your shopping cart and checkout pages.

In this WooLentor review, I will take you through all of its features and show you exactly how this tool works.

WooLentor Review: What Does It Do?

In a nutshell, WooLentor extends the popular Elementor page builder plugin so that you can use it to design every single part of your WooCommerce store, from your product pages to your shop archive pages and even your shopping cart, checkout, thank you page, my account page, and more.

That last part is very unique, because most other tools don’t touch the cart and checkout pages, which means you need to rely on your theme for those pages. WooLentor changes that, you can control the design and layout with some pretty solid customization options.

To help you achieve this, WooLentor comes with 41+ different WooCommerce-related widgets that you can use in your Elementor designs. For example, you’ll get widgets to insert a product’s title, image, description, etc.

You’ll also get more advanced widgets for things like upsells, cross-sells, related products, etc. There are even widgets/features to go beyond the default WooCommerce features. For example, it can help you show sales notifications, display special promo banners, add “call for price”/suggested prices, and more.

While WooLentor lets you build the designs for your store from scratch, it also comes with a number of pre-built importable templates to help you get started. WooLentor Pro also bundles in access to some premium WooCommerce themes, though WooLentor will work with any WordPress theme.

WooLentor Pricing

As with most freemium plugins, WooLentor comes in both a free version at WordPress.org as well as a premium version with more features.

The free version gives you some extra control over the design of your store and adds 18 WooCommerce elements that you can use. However, the really unique features are in the Pro version, which is what you need to design your cart, checkout, my account page, etc.



This article was written by Harsh Agrawal and originally published on ShoutMeLoud.

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