WordPress-adjacent Conferences for 2020

WordPress-adjacent Conferences for 2020 • WPShout

I really appreciated this list from Callie West of conferences for 2020 that may be of interest to WordPress developers. While I trust that her list isn’t exhaustive, it does cover all the big conferences that were on my mind for the year, and a few I’d never heard of. Which means her list is doing its job absolutely perfectly.

In summary you should check out this list if you’re interested in seeing the major conferences in these buckets:

  • WordCamps
  • JavaScript conferences
  • Laravel and PHP conferences
  • CSS confs
  • UX, development in general, and more

If any of those interested you, please give the article some love. She also finishes with some advice for those of you who might have to convince a boss to help you pay for a conference trip ?

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This article was written by David Hayes and originally published on WPShout.

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