How to Use WordPress : Beginner’s Guide for FirstTimers

How to Use WordPress (2020): Beginner's Guide for First-Timers

Whether you’re building a blog or moving your business online, learning how to use WordPress can be overwhelming at first.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little helping hand, you can understand how to use WordPress to perform the key actions that you need to set up your site.

And, that’s the purpose of this guide.

To help you with the basics, so you can get ready to launch your website. We’ll show you how themes work and how to get started with your pages and posts. And, we’ll avoid jargon every step of the way.

Let’s get started!

? Table of contents:

What do you need to use WordPress?

Just a note: This guide is not about using Instead, we’ll show you how to use self-hosted WordPress. This is our recommended approach.

If you’re not sure what the difference is, then take a moment to read all about the differences between and self-hosted,

1. Hosting and a domain name

Before you can start to use WordPress, you will need a dependable host. Hosting is the engine that powers your site. If you don’t have a host, then you can check out our post on the best WordPress hosting to learn your top options.

Bluehost is our go-to for a quick recommendation. They are affordable and perform well in our tests comparing entry-level options.

If you go with Bluehost, then you can purchase hosting and get your domain name (for free) at the same time.

The domain name is your website’s permanent address, so try to keep it short and memorable and base it on your business/brand name or any keywords you plan to target.

If you’re having trouble, try a domain name generator, like DomainWheel, to help you create an impressive name.

2. The WordPress software

Here’s a shocker, you’ll need to install WordPress if you plan to use it.

Installing it might sound challenging, but installing WordPress is genuinely straightforward. You might even find that your host installs WordPress automatically.

If you’re using Bluehost, they’ll give you a simple setup wizard when you log in that will help you install WordPress and set up your site.

Even if your host doesn’t do that for you, it should give you a one-click installer somewhere in your hosting dashboard. You can check out our dedicated guide on how to install WordPress to learn your options.

Once you complete those steps, you will be able to access your site’s dashboard by going to That’s where the fun starts.

How to use WordPress – getting the most from your site

Now, we’ll take you through how to use WordPress so that you can configure your site and start adding content.

Understanding the WordPress dashboard

Now that



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