24 WordPress Membership Plugins to Capture Recurring Revenue in 2020


Can you make money online? Sure. Is it easy? Not exactly. However, one of the most consistently profitable ways to secure passive income comes in the form of a membership site. And to build a membership site, it’s important to learn about the best WordPress Membership plugins.

With a membership plugin, you’re able to block some, or all, of your content, allowing users access when they pay an upfront or recurring fee. And that’s the key to stable cash flow: recurring revenue. When you sell individual products or services, each customer needs to be convinced that they should buy again, whether this is done through email marketing, abandoned cart messaging, or social media.

Companies that collect automated payments (think Dollar Shave Club, Netflix, or your cable company) don’t have to think as much about sales and marketing. They’re more focused on making current customers happy (maybe not the cable company).

Recurring memberships like these tend to grab some of those customers who never use the service or product, yet they keep paying.

In short, membership websites can mean big money, as long as you find the right niche, focus hard on providing quality products/services, and choose the best WordPress membership plugins to guide you along the way.

What Types of Membership Sites Can You Build?

An idea for a membership site is just that, an idea. It obviously takes much more time, money, and effort to establish a reputable, profitable membership business. Having said that, it’s nice to be able to bounce ideas around and get the creative sparks flying. Here are some ideas of the types of membership sites you can build.

  • An online course with one or multiple topics. Courses might include projects, documents (like PDFs) videos, and quizzes.
  • A product membership, where digital or physical items are sent to members on a recurring basis or as a one-off situation. “Box of the month” clubs are popular examples of this type of membership.
  • A service-based membership program with members paying for a certain amount of services per month or year. An online or over the phone coaching program is a good example of this.
  • A fixed-term program where the customer pays for a short membership. For instance, a smoking cessation program might end after three months.
  • An online community with forums, live chats, articles, and other resources that aren’t available to the public. Users pay membership fees to have full access to chat with others and learn about topics in the niche.
  • The everything-at-once membership, where the members pay fixed or monthly fees to receive everything you offer on the site. This isn’t as common, but you may find that some of your ecommerce customers are willing to pay a high, ongoing fee to basically get everything, or a large portion, of what you sell. We like this the most for smaller online



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