How to Do a WordPress Migration on Your Own (with No Downtime)

How to Do a WordPress Migration on Your Own (with No Downtime)

Migrating a WordPress site is something you may have to do at some point. Maybe you’re migrating from one hosting provider to another. Maybe you’ve created a local site or maybe you’re migrating from a Multisite installation.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to migrate a WordPress site yourself. If you’re switching to Kinsta, we’ll take care of the migration for you.

If you’re with a different host, prefer to do it manually, or you’re migrating between local and remote sites, this guide will help you.

When You Might Need to Migrate a WordPress Site

There are a few scenarios in which you might need to migrate a WordPress site. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Uploading a local development site to a remotely hosted site. If you’re doing your development work locally (which is a good idea) you’ll need to migrate the site to your remote site. Later on, when you’re developing the site, you might need to migrate just files and not the database, or you might need to migrate the database in both directions so you can test any changes with current data.
  • Switching between hosting providers. This is one of the most common scenarios for migrating WordPress. A good hosting provider (including Kinsta) will perform the migration for you free of charge: you just have to provide the login details for your old site. If your site has a more complex setup or you prefer to do it yourself, you can follow the methods in this post.
  • Migrating a site out of a WordPress Multisite network. If you’ve been hosting a site on a Multisite network and decide you need to separate it out, then you’ll need to migrate just that site out of the network and then migrate it to a fresh WordPress installation. This is more complicated than migrating from one standalone site to another, but it can be done.
  • Migrating a site into a WordPress Multisite network. Sometimes you might need to take an existing single site and migrate it into a network. Again, this is a little more complicated than migrating from one single site to another, but you can do it. It’s something I sometimes do for clients who have an existing site they want to migrate to my hosting; I prefer to use Multisite for all my client sites.

Kinsta free migrations

The simplest way to migrate your WordPress site is using a plugin.

Migrating a WordPress Site with the WordPress Duplicator Plugin

The free WordPress Duplicator plugin is the plugin we recommend for migrating a site to Kinsta. You can install it on your site via the plugins screen and it’s free.

Let’s take a look at how you’d use it to migrate one WordPress site to another.

These instructions will work for any kind of standard WordPress installation: remote or local. It will also work if you want to migrate a complete Multisite network. I’ll cover migrating sites into and out



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