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No one can deny the fact that user experience and speed are a big deal on the Internet. Webmasters are continuously trying to improve the speed and the overall performance of websites. There are many ways to step up website speed, and one of the easiest methods is to remove query strings from static resources.

What Is a Query String?

Simply put, a query string is a URL that contains either “&” or “?.” It contains a group of keywords added to the base URL by a web browser, and it’s created when a user keys in the variables for a database search. Based on the results, the search engine creates a dynamic URL containing the query string. The “?” merely acts as a separator and does not really form part of the query string.

Why You Should Remove Query Strings

Internet users expect a website to load quickly. As early as 2010, Google recognized website speed as a ranking factor for SEO. One of the ways in which you can greatly increase website speed is by caching static resources like JavaScript and CSS using proxies and CDNs. However, if query strings are present, they do not allow a resource to be cached. Though this allows any update to be reflected immediately, it also increases the loading time of a page. Therefore, it’s advisable to remove these query strings to enable caching and thereby improve the speed of the website. To know more about caching plugins, check out our earlier post.

When you test the speed of your website using tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPagetest, or Page Speed tools, you’ll also receive recommendations on how to improve your website’s speed. One of the more common recommendations you’ll come across is to remove query strings from static resources.

Query strings do not fit into the hierarchical path structure. They are too long, and so are of no real use when sending a load of information. Also, query string data are directly visible to the user and can hence pose a security problem.

You can remove query strings from static resources in many ways. Two of the most common methods are by adding a small piece of code in your functions.php file or by using plugins.

In this post, we’ll check out the plugins that’ll help to remove query strings from static resources.

Plugins to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

W3 Total Cache

Many webmasters install and use W3 Total Cache for caching static resources. If you happen to be one of them, you can prevent the creation of query strings by making changes in the settings. Click on Browser Cache under Settings, and uncheck the box for Prevent caching of objects after settings change.

W3 Total Cache enjoys over a million downloads and is used by famous names like AT&T and SmashingMagazine. It is not specific to any hosting service and can work in a wide range of hosting environments. Removing query strings is only a small



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