WordPress Salesforce Integration Tutorial: Free and Paid Options for 2021

WordPress Salesforce Integration Tutorial: Free and Paid Options for 2021

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, no name is quite as relevant as Salesforce. The popular software works with a wide range of other software and platforms, including a few WordPress Salesforce integration options. It’s a powerhouse CRM for attracting and managing leads and customers, making it essential to have a form on your WordPress site that sends all data to Salesforce.

There are several methods available to integrate with Salesforce via a form on your WordPress site. Keep reading to learn about the main reasons to integrate WordPress with Salesforce, along with the best methods possible.

Main reasons for a WordPress Salesforce integration

If you have questions about the purpose of a WordPress Salesforce integration, take a look at the reasons and advantages below:

  • You’re able to use WordPress for its advantages and Salesforce for its advantages – most notably, the fact that WordPress is great for running a website and it has excellent form design tools. Salesforce is best as a CRM, so we don’t want to try to use one or the other for both functions.
  • An integration allows you to send form submissions to a more valuable location, as opposed to your WordPress user database or email inbox.
  • All form submissions are automatically logged into Salesforce, instead of copying and pasting every contact into Salesforce from WordPress.
  • Leaving customer contacts in your WordPress database (or email inbox) is a recipe for not replying in time and missing out on potential sales.

Now that you understand the reasoning behind a WordPress Salesforce integration, check out how to complete the process below.

How to set up a WordPress Salesforce integration

It’s possible you already have a contact form on your WordPress site. If that’s the case, you may be able to use that contact plugin to link to Salesforce.

Towards the end of this article, we’ll cover WordPress Salesforce integration methods by using some of the most popular form plugins. If you can’t find your form plugin in our list of suggestions, check with the developer of your plugin to see if a Salesforce integration is available. If not, we encourage you to switch to utilize the primary method below or consider one of the plugin alternatives.

Salesforce Web-to-Lead function (quickest, cheapest method)

Salesforce offers something called a Web-to-Lead function in its own software. It generates a form to place on any website, not just WordPress. In addition, the Web-to-Lead tools allow you to design the form inside Salesforce, cutting down on the work you would typically spend in a plugin.

However, we feel that the top contact form plugins for WordPress usually provide better design tools than the Salesforce Web-to-Lead option.

Basic option – use Salesforce’s embed code

If you’d like to only stick with the Web-to-Lead feature and simply paste the code into WordPress, you can find it by opening



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