Why Make a WordPress Website –

Why Make a WordPress Website

We live in the digital era that brings certain changes in our everyday life and behavior. When you want to find some information or order some products or services, you immediately take your phone and start googling. For instance, when you want to get help with your essay, you go to https://papercoach.net and get your papers done quickly.

If you cannot find a company on the Internet, it means it doesn’t exist. However, many rookies who have just decided to launch a business neglect the necessity of creating a website. Statistics say that only about 57% of companies who own small businesses take care of their websites. About 17% of companies claim that the absence of a website allows them to save a pretty penny, even though they just don’t understand that its creation may cost them only a few hundred dollars if they use WordPress.

It is one of the greatest content management platforms available today. WordPress powers more than 27% of sites on the Internet. So why should you give it a try?

1. Saving money

If you want to hire a skillful developer to make an HTML website, you should be ready to pay a pretty penny, and it is not to mention the first hosting and website maintenance expenses. You will hardly like its total cost. That’s why a huge number of people opt for using WordPress when starting a business website.

A smart person will think, “I would rather agree on marketing services or pay someone to do my homework to have more free time,” since getting a developer to create a complicated HTML website might be reasonable only if you run a serious company or a corporation.

In this case, WordPress will not provide you with the required functionality without extra expenses. In all other cases, WordPress allows you to easily design and edit your content without sound knowledge of coding.

2. Ease website management

To create a decent design for a website, you will have to spend a lot of time. Nowadays, your website will be useless if it is not optimized for smartphones, its security system leaves much to be desired, and you don’t update your content, showing that the site is alive.

To handle all these issues with an HTML website, you need an IT specialist. However, this will not be a big deal when it comes to WordPress since you can do the whole scope of work on the site with several clicks. And it is not to mention the time and money you can save.

3. Big selection of templates

Man looking at templates

Why do you think so many people choose this platform? In addition to all its practical and obvious advantages, people love WordPress for its thousands of amazing templates for all kinds of sites.

Visual admirers especially appreciate it. For example, if you are going to launch a niche site for an accessories store, you can easily



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