Working with the WordPress HTTP API

Working with the WordPress HTTP API | WPShout

This article explains how to use WordPress’s HTTP API, a set of PHP functions from within WordPress’s function library, to make remote HTTP requests to external resources, such as JSON REST APIs.

We use the WordPress HTTP API when we want to access remote resources—resources not present on the WordPress site we’re working from—which could be anything you can imagine, from data we access through Facebook’s or Twitter’s APIs to weather information published by government agencies. We make these remote requests using WordPress’s HTTP API functions, especially wp_remote_get(), wp_remote_post(), and wp_remote_head().

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Working with the WordPress HTTP API | WPShout 1

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Key Takeaways:

  • The WordPress HTTP API simplifies making remote HTTP requests: requests for information that return (and may also alter) webpage content using HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the fundamental means of communication on the internet.
  • The wp_remote_get(), wp_remote_post(), and wp_remote_head()



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