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7 Easy to 'Wow' Your WordPress Clients - ManageWP

Growing your development business is a serious challenge. Competition is fierce, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t ‘wow’ your WordPress clients with your professionalism, they may turn elsewhere.

By making a few simple changes, you can take your development services to the next level. With the right strategies in place, you can hang on to the customers you already have, and gain new ones through testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing.

In this post, we’ll share seven easy ways to impress clients and stand out from your competition. Let’s get started!

Why it’s important to impress clients and appear professional

With WordPress powering well over 30 percent of the web, development for this platform is a competitive market. To succeed, you need to demonstrate why clients should trust you with their websites.

However, you shouldn’t focus solely on impressing new customers. It’s generally accepted that acquiring a new client is far more costly than retaining an existing one. If you don’t continuously strive to provide a high-quality experience, then you risk losing your clientele to competitors.

To wow potential and existing customers, focus on providing the following:

  • A personalized experience. You should be willing to go the extra mile in order to exceed client expectations. This may involve presenting clients with features they didn’t know they needed, or continuously striving to improve their overall WordPress experience.
  • A clear brand. By keeping your branding consistent, you can provide a seamless customer experience. Even if you rely on third-party tools, techniques such as white labeling can create the impression of a full service, entirely in-house team.
  • Unique value. You should offer clients something they can’t get elsewhere. This might include bespoke features or an exceptional level of customer service.
  • A stress-free experience. Your customers may have varying degrees of WordPress expertise. A complicated dashboard can frustrate a client who doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of the platform. Even technically-minded clients may appreciate a streamlined back end that caters to their specific needs.

By keeping these points in mind, you can attract new customers to your business. You can also turn your existing customers into loyal and enthusiastic brand advocates, who may even recommend your services to others.

7 easy ways to wow clients with your WordPress development

By impressing existing and potential customers, you can maximize your profits, garner valuable word-of-mouth marketing, and secure follow-up business. Here are seven easy ways to wow your WordPress development clients.

1. Create a Coming Soon page

Your client’s first contact with their future customers is important. For some, this means perfecting every part of their website before going public. Others may prefer



This article was written by Will Morris and originally published on ManageWP.

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