Write On! 12 Best Multiauthor Plugins for WordPress

Write On! 12 Best Multi-author Plugins for WordPress

Multi-author blogs are a great way to attract readers by offering an array of different viewpoints, topics, and voices. They can also become disorganized chaos if you don’t have a good system of maintaining posts, scheduling, author payments, and everything else that comes with running a multi-author blog on WordPress.

Luckily, with some helpful plugins and solid advice, your site can run a multi-author blog smoothly and efficiently.

I’ll be going over:

  • Why have a multi-author blog
  • How multi-author plugins can help
  • 12 Best Multi-Author Plugins
  • Tips for managing a multi-author blog

And plenty more!

If you haven’t started a multi-author blog and are considering it, or if you have one already established on WordPress and it needs some modifications, this post will show you what needs to be done, how to do it, and what it takes to keep it maintained.

Forminator, Dev Man, and Hummingbird all working on a multi-author site. It should be super.

You’ll then have happy authors and happy readers that will return multi-ple times.

Why Have a Multi-author Blog?

If you’re not familiar with multi-author blogs, or if you are but never considered why to have one, this will help shed some light on them.

There are many reasons to have one. Need an example? You’re on one right now!

WPMU DEV puts great emphasis on our blog. It’s a platform for numerous authors, experts, and our whole team here.

We cover a wide scope of WordPress topics, ideas, news, reviews, lists, and tutorials that aim to be informational, useful, and entertaining for our visitors, members, and blog readers.

This blog has helped establish our brand and our voice.

As well as helping to establish your brand, a multi-author blog can provide you with regular updates, different viewpoints, and help you cover more topics.

Multi-author blogs can also bring your team together, as writers can learn from each other and work towards a common goal of delivering the best darn content possible.

It can also become a community for your readers with their comments, perspective, and insight.

Plus, multi-author blogs are a good segue to other things.

For example, as our team shares information about our plugins, hosting, support, and upcoming features, this collaborative effort leads to new customers for our membership and hosting, increased activity in our forums, ideas for improving our products and services with new features, and a whole lot more.

With a multi-author site, you can publish an ongoing stream of articles about your products and services, tutorials and announcements about their features and benefits, and in return, start generating income.

Excited yet? I thought so.

However, before launching your multi-author blog, there are…

A Few Things to Consider

As you can see, multi-author blogs



This article was written by Nathanael Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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