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WP Archives is an online portal to share the latest news, articles, how-to tutorials, in-depth guides related to WordPress, Blogging and Digital Marketing. The portal displays the hand-picked articles, blog posts, user guides, and other resources from the best websites around the globe.

What Is WP Archives

The project WP Archives is promoted by a bunch of bloggers and digital marketers to create a one-stop resource of the information relevant to the WordPress and Blogging community in general.

The idea behind this project was to discover, gather, and present the latest and greatest content about WordPress and Blogging exclusively in one place. In addition to that the project is also committed to showcasing the best work of the pear bloggers, authors, and writers by not only generating the content, but also, amassing the excerpt of their content from a variety of sources, and deliver it in an organized fashion at one place.

How Does It Work

The process of discovering and curating the content/articles/blog-posts is quite organic and focusses on the quality, authenticity, and relevancy of the information without deviating from the areas of interest as mentioned above.

The process starts by identifying the desired articles and then importing the title, featured image, the excerpt, author name along with the source URL and blog/website name. The second step to share the article on the portal with all the original details with liking to its original source.

The portal is committed to providing credit to the author and the website/blog where the article had been published originally. In order to achieve the same, the portal ensures that all the visitors redirect to its original source if the visitor clicks on the “Keep Reading” button, which sent the traffic to the website/blog they deserve. Further, it ensured the due credit to the author/writer of the article and the source by displaying their name right below the keep reading button.

In order to improve the content quality on this portal, one can suggest a new source of information here.

Important Information

The aggregated articles (content) and media shared on this portal are the property of their respective owners (author and/or website/blog) and we do not claim any copyright on the same.

We strongly believe that copying/plagiarizing information is completely unethical and we do not promote and/or adopt any such practice. However, if you have discovered that the information (articles/blog-posts) from your blog/website had been showcased on this portal and you want it to be removed. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss things further here.

If you have any other queries in your mind and/or wanted to learn more about WP Archives, feel free to write to us here.

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