Make Headlines on Google News with SmartCrawl’s Free Google News Sitemap

Make Headlines on Google News with SmartCrawl’s Free Google News Sitemap

Do you run a news site or blog or publish newsworthy content with WordPress? Then put your site on the Google News map with SmartCrawl’s Google News Sitemap…for Free!

Have you heard the good news?

If you are already using our powerful SmartCrawl WordPress SEO plugin and you want to add a Google News sitemap to your site, then look no further…SmartCrawl comes with its own built-in Google News sitemap so there’s no need to install an additional plugin.

So, if you run a news site, news blog, or publish newsworthy content with WordPress, read on to learn more about:

Use SmartCrawl’s Google News sitemap to get your news content published on Google News!

Why Use Sitemaps

We’ll keep this section short and sweet…

Sitemaps are useful tools for helping site visitors and search engines find content on your site.

An HTML site map helps human visitors navigate faster to content on your site and an XML sitemap helps search engine robots crawl and discover all of your content.

In addition to providing an XML sitemap that offers many advantages over the WordPress core sitemap such as performance caching, including images from post content, adding styling to the sitemap, automatic updates, and auto-notifying search engines, SmartCrawl also offers a configurable Google News sitemap.

SmartCrawl’s Google News sitemap is specifically designed to meet all of Google News technical requirements for a news sitemap feed.

How To Use SmartCrawl’s Google News Sitemap

To enable or disable SmartCrawl’s Google News Sitemap feature, select Sitemaps > News Sitemap in the SmartCrawl plugin menu.

SmartCrawl plugin menu - SitemapsSelect Sitemaps in SmartCrawl’s menu.

Click Enable…

SmartCrawl Google News Sitemap screen.SmartCrawl Google News Sitemap screen.

Once the feature is enabled, you will find fields for entering your Google News publication name (Note: your publication name must match the one you have set up on and the option to include post types (e.g. Posts, Pages, Products, etc.) or exclude posts by category or individual posts.

Make Headlines on Google News with SmartCrawl’s Free Google News Sitemap 1



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